Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Good Start!

All my New Year resolutions can be summed up in three words: "Try being happy."

Today was a good start.

Opened cans of greens and B eyed peas and nuked them. I did actually make rice, deviled eggs and buttermilk cornbread, topping it off with heating a couple of Smithfield smoked chops. Packed some leftovers in my trusty lunch box and headed into work at three thirty.

The good thing about being here alone is didn't even feel bad about leaving some dishes in the sink for washing after work. My dogs rarely complain.

I imagined it would be slow at work, and was.

Funny thing about Floridians, the minute the sun sets they set out!

I was a selling machine. Every single table was awesome and had some really interesting conversation with several guests. I was selling bottles of wine right and left and peeps were eating like they were starved.

One of my last tables was two really sweet Hispanic women, who looked like sisters (I should have asked) but enjoyed a bottle of Pinot and several items to share. Near the end of the meal one of them said " I can tell you're not from here but don't tell us where you're from, let me guess."

I expected her to guess "Mayberry" or "Hooterville."

She guessed Australia.

I moved the wine glass away and told her she was cut off.

I told her I was from the south side of Atlanta, born and bred. I said completely changed my articulation and pronunciation when serving so I didn't sound like the Clampett I really was.

It's funny, that's the second time someone asked if I was from Australia when serving them.

Yes, I speak like a hick (and constantly reminded of it by my brother) but when pay is involved I totally slow down, speak and enunciate the proper way.

I told the two women had recently relocated after my husband was transferred to Orlando. One asked if I missed Atlanta?

Whenever someone asks me that, I immediately tear up.

I'm almost fifty seven and spent fifty six of them in the same state and area. Essentially, I moved away from my entire life.

I told them was slowly adjusting but was hard at my age, leaving my younger son and sister behind.

They both agreed it was different here.

The demographics have totally changed for me.

Case in point.

My sister, who miss more than I can express sent me this on FB today.

"Prospero Año Nuevo, Mi Hermana (as they say in Orlando)."

I replied with "Party like  a MoFo (as they say in Atlanta)."

Her reply?

"Dang I miss you."

If my sister was here, would totally be fine.

But she isn't.


It's my catch 22.

My brother lives here, my oldest son lives here. We live here but my youngest son and my more than just a sister still live in Atlanta.

It's going to take some adjusting to, but adjust I will.

This is my life and this is where I live now.

It's not going to change so I have to...and will.

It was a shaky start with the whole job transfer debacle (still not letting that one go and seeking legal counsel) but finally feel confident at my new job and think am a pretty good addition to the team.

My money increases each and every week at work and is a very positive sign.

I need to do the same.

Be more positive.

It may take a minute or two more...but I got this.

I'm beginning to feel better and more like myself each and every day.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

This chick aims to win.

Til next time...


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