Monday, January 23, 2017

Putting Down Roots

We are here to stay. May as well start making new friends. I invited a co worker over for dinner with her boyfriend tonight.

I really like everyone I work with, but is always that one person you feel drawn towards. She trained me when I first started my job, we immediately clicked and have a lot in common. She's in my age range and a Lifer like me. She has my work ethic and the most positive attitude of anyone I've met in quite some time.

When you're thrown into a new game of life in a new state you have to make new friends...and I've made an excellent one.

I've missed having a work bestie. At Ecco I had Laura and Tia. At Mama Lucia's I also had Tia. At LongHorn I had Lisa and Teresa. That covers the past twenty years of my work besties.

We all had a nice relaxed time. Good food and lots of laughter. She brought dessert and a bottle of wine. I sent her home with half the leftovers.

I think that is what I've missed most since moving here.

Good friends.

And now I have two.

Not gonna lie, it's still hard for me.

I left what seemed like a million friends and moved to a place where I only knew my brother. My oldest son and his family are almost thirty minutes away which is a good thing but I need besties I see every day.

After three months of back and forth feelings and sometimes wishing I was back home in Georgia have bonded with someone who I can say will probably be a friend for life.

You can never have too many friends.

Sounds crazy, which isn't much of a stretch for me but feels wonderful to have a new friend. A new contact in my phone. A new work bestie.

I think what sealed the deal was her first night training me, after hours of conversations between us both. I thanked her for all her help. She told me, "I'm just so glad to have you here."

After three months, think I'm finally glad to be here too.

Til next time...COTTON


jereme english said...

From the boyfriend!
Dinner was amazing! You wouldn't believe how fast good left overs disappear! I'm so happy you gave us a chance at friendship. I only hope we can make you feel at home here in Florida! I'm going to wear my wooden shoes all day just for you:)

kelly cotton said...

It is so nice to have you both as our first new friends in Orlando and certainly couldn't have asked for better ones! Here's to a lifetime of growing older with love,laughter and two awesome new friends...and don't let those shoes give you splinters!