Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seasons in the Sun

"We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun." That was a big song when I was young enough to think roller skating was cool. His name was Terry Jacks and I hope he didn't spend all his money at once.

I am enjoying my season in the sun, but today I felt like I needed the JD wagon to haul my body back to the house. Except I would have just have died in the wagon because no one was there to pull my sorry butt back to the house.

It was a million degrees when I pulled out of my driveway on my JD at four in the afternoon to go cut the front of the subdivision.

I had a great day off. I slept til 10 and Massey brought me some grits and OJ in bed. I remained there for the next 3 hours. I dozed and woke, dozed again and just let my ole body rest. Once I roared out of the bed at 3:00 I was ready to roll...

I have been working double shifts all week and like an idiot stay up way too late. But when I have a day off I make it my own.

I bounced out of bed at 3 , did some stretching and said to myself, "Let's get this day started."

After feeding my starving kids I cranked ole Johnny up and headed to the front of the subdivision. It was at least 140 degrees.

The cars zooming by me doing 50MPH gave me somewhat of a breeze and somewhat of a heart condition but after two hours I was done.

Trucked back to the house to cut my own back yard. Mr. 'Slow' Lee's front yard needed cutting too but I tend to take care of my own yard first (selfish ain't I?)

He has just returned from Hawaii with his wife and I was almost sure he was in his house gettin' my grass skirt and coconut bra he had brought back for me to wear while I cut his yard ready when I swung ole Johnny into my own back yard. Whew...dodged That bullet. He kinda gives me the creeps the way he just stands and stares at me while I mow his yard. Massey says he is just bored. I'm more thinking 'board" or maybe a possible "Woody." He wears those short gym shorts like guys wore in the seventies (That's probably when he bought the ones he wears) and never has a shirt on (eewww,)

While I was cutting HIS yard he was leaning over the side of his diesel pickup leering at me with a smoke in one hand and a Bud in the other when the first crack of lightning hit. I thought he would jump out of his Richard Simmons shorts and possibly either drop his Bud or pee his pants. That's all it took for him and he retreated into his house (probably with binoculars at a window,)

The lightning subsided and was replaced with a misting of rain. What the heck...I was already filthy and sweaty...kinda felt good. I finished his yard in the rain and by the time I pulled ole Johnny back into the corral I call my garage all the clippings that were stuck to my shins from the weed eater were washed off and I decided it was a win/win situation.

I got to finish without Mr. (slow)Lee gawking at my 'A' cups and didn't get struck by lightning.

I started this blog yesterday but have picked up tonight to finish it. Just got home from work...went in at 11:30 AM and worked til 10:00 PM. Long day for an ole gal but my new restaurant is so pleasant to work at it is a piece of cake.

What ISN'T a piece of cake is finding Zach on the computer playing a game. At least Massey was spending the night off so I told Zach to bring me her laptop and I would sit out back with the dogs. At least the pups were delighted! Problem is she shuts the laptop down without logging off and it takes me forever to log on. I install all the updates she ignores and clean it up so it runs ten times faster.

My problem is that I find it hard to use the finger tip mouse pad and often forget about it. I tend to lose my place and often start writing somewhere that I don't intend to and have to backspace a lot. (Just had to do it again)

So I have mastered "word" on texting...I guess next is retraining myself on a laptop.

I actually DO like the fact that I can sit out back at the patio table with the pups listening to the crickets frogs and owls. It is just hard for an ole fart like me to get used to the difference of using the finger tip versus the mouse. Maybe it is a good thing....keeps that hamster from falling asleep at the wheel in my big ole empty head!

I don't know if I am just getting old but laptops are SOOO different to me. It's like using a computer with a different language.

I have tomorrow off...going to a high school reunion with my hubby for his school. He goes to so many of mine with me I couldn't say no. Russell (my school) has three or four a year... us "Wildcats" love to party. I know quite a few people from his school and I think it will be fun. One of his classmates I have never met made a comment on something I wrote on FB and said "You have a great sense of really crack me up." I wrote him back and said "Tim says I really crack myself up too."

Very true...but if you can't laugh at yourself life is a really long depressing road. I try to find the lighter side of every situation I find myself in and try to find at least one thing that is funny. So far I have done okay. Between my husband losing his job, me losing mine and raising three life has turned into one big "HOOT."

Signing off now because this laptop is kicking my butt and I probably have 30 minutes worth of editing to do. Does anyone else have problems using a laptop versus a PC...or is it just my "Russell" education coming back to bite me in my "Cyber" butt?

Can't wait to post tomorrow after my hubby's reunion, that should be a "HOOT" as well and give me lots of material. He went to the "Richey Rich" high school whereas I went to the"Cheech and Chong" high school.

Sounds like another blog to me!

Please excuse all typos and errors in advance and I promise to get better at using a laptop! (Hey that could be another blog!!)

Til next time...wheel's always spinning and the hamster's still alive...for now!

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