Monday, June 21, 2010

Almost There...To the REAL Beach!

This is a picture of "Barbie Beach." A fixture on the outskirts of Senoia. As far as I hear it's just a crazy older couple that have the display set up in front of their house on the side of Highway 16 and the scene changes with the holidays and seasons. It has all kind of Barbie's in various stages of dress (sometimes not even dressed.)
Anyhoo...We are headed to the "Real" beach in four days and I am beginning to catch some of the excitement Massey has been experiencing since learning of our trip (over 2 months ago.)
I worked a double on Sunday and a double shift today. I have a double shift on Tuesday and work Wednesday night and Thursday morning. After that I will jump on Johnny one last time and cut the crap out of some grass..nestle him back into the garage and kiss him good bye.
I am worried about my three big pups. If I can't teach them to speak English by Friday morning they will be left in the incompetent hands of my husband and Zach for three days in the broiling heat. They just don't get how often the dog's water needs to be changed or how often they need to be let inside to cool down.
If the dogs knew I was leaving they would have already crept onto my computer and ordered Rosetta Stone..English for Dogs ..."Crash Course."
I'll have to be sure to check the back seat of the car before I leave to make sure they didn't sneak in to hitch a ride with their "Momma.'
Today was slow at work for the lunch shift. On the upside they made us french toast sprinkled with Cinnamon and fresh blueberry pancakes. So basically I got paid to come in and eat til I couldn't hold anymore...made a little money and had a nice two hour break before the dinner shift.
Went back to work at 5:30 and dinner started. A wonderful family that came in to eat with me at Longhorn for years came in and it was great to see old regulars visiting me in my new digs. They have two precious little girls and have been huge champions of mine. Helping me out when Tim lost his job and often saving us with "love gifts." That's another way of saying that these people, when learning of our situation would write me a check as a tip and would be the ones that (pardon my French) saved our asses on more than one occasion.
I had another table that left me a $22 tip on an $80 tab and a couple of other tables that pushed me right up to walking with another $100 after waiting on only four tables again.
The "Jefferson's" theme song comes to mind every time I walk out the door of work these days..."Well I'm movin' on UP."
My husband came up to the restaurant today while I was working lunch to swap cars with me. I had my car in the shop getting new tires and when it was ready he caught a ride from a neighbor to come drive his car I had used to go swap it so he could get two new tires . (Another blog me.)
I had told him to just come in the kitchen door at the back of the store and I would give him his keys. He came in and I heard Leon, the owner's son and Sou chef greeting him. Tim has known him for years and I walked into the kitchen just as I heard Leon saying to Tim, "It has been a real blessing having Kelly to come work for us."
Dang!! That did more for me than a face lift or liposuction.
It's the little things in life that make a BIG difference.
It's this family owned business that has welcomed me with open arms, given me the chance to be the server I knew I could be and be appreciated for it as icing on the cake.
The owner gave me the time off of work to go to Florida with no hesitation. They seem to appreciate my sense of humor and my sense of loyalty without having to answer to the "Corporate Gods" and in my book all is well that ends well.
Some of my "friends" from Longhorn have quickly forgotten about me and some haven't tried to contact me at all. I guess that's what happens when you are working in a miserable environment.
I have been lucky enough to survive the bullet wound and healed quicker than I ever thought was possible.
I don't want to bash my old company but in hindsight see them doing it to themselves.
I am in a great place now. I am in Heaven. I am working a lot but it doesn't feel like feels like a relief and a well deserved reward.
Four more days and us wild girls are "Destin" bound. My sister has even started to say she might come with us. I say "Come on Biotch" let's go show that oil spill some attitude and have some stinkin' fun!!
I'll take my cam corder and can hardly wait for the blog that will follow after THIS excursion.
Look out "'Thelma and Louise" you got some Cotton coming...WOO HOO and HOOTY HOOT... Destin bound and making ground.
I can hardly wait for Friday...this is just what the doctor ordered.

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