Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thelma and Louise are OUTTA Here...

I can't remember which one was Thelma and which was was Louise...but I am obviously the older one. I could do a lot worse than being compared to Susan Sarandon.

The car is packed.

I cooked the ceremonial "Last Supper" consisting of steaks, baked potatoes mushrooms and onions and a salad with rolls that I burnt on the bottom. (Didn't hear any gripes so I KNOW I will be missed.)

I had a list a mile long to do before I left for the beach..."Clean bathrooms, mop kitchen, catch up laundry, dust and vacuum."

Who am I trying to kid?

I am leaving my husband and eighteen year old son at home for four days. Do I really think one of them will call me on my cell and say "You forgot to vacuum before you left, or the kitchen floor needs mopping...turn the car around."

I did what women do best.

I packed my bags and fed them one last time. I left detailed instructions of what bills HAD to be paid, left my husband with a full tank of gas and a refrigerator full of junk food and said "To hell with the rest of it."

My bags are packed and in the car. The biggest worry I have is for my three pups left in the hands of two men in ninety degree heat for three days.

I even went as far as leaving the pan I fried the steaks in soaking in the sink. I did the important things like watering the plants and giving the dogs their last bowl of water with ice in it and knelt down to pray they survived me being away.

I cut the front and back lawn, cut my elderly neighbors lawn, front and back and weed eated til it was dark.

After that I thought..."Tim and Zach could give a rats #@$ if I clean the house" and just made sure Massey and I had everything packed that we needed.I watered the plants and sat in the garage telling Johnny that I wasn't leaving him for good but just needed a break and maybe I would bring him back a souvenir...maybe some postcard of a hot 'Johnnie Deere" in a wet cover.

I am headed to bed. The car is ready, the dogs look frantic and I am just going to have to walk away from it all and hope for the best.

I shouldn't even be going away but if I don't I think my tiny head may explode off of my tiny body and catch the entire house on fire.

It's been a long year. It's been an experience that I hope I never have to experience again.

For the first time in over twelve months..."It's all about me."

Don't you worry..I am taking Massey's laptop and plan on blogging the heck out of this trip...Do you even know how much I need this?

Til tomorrow on "The Beach"....COTTON

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