Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Not Brain Surgery...

I just got home from a 'spankin' at work. It was GREAT! Today was my day off and I picked up a shift, so everything I made was "gravy." It started slow and immediately went crazy in a matter of ten minutes.

We had a party of 14 come in followed by a party of 12. I got the party of 12. All women, and a couple of them recognized me from Longhorn. Right after I got the 12 top, I got a 6 top and I began to wonder if I had forgotten to put on deodorant. I was sweating like a 'ho' in church scrambling to make salads, get appetizers out and try to keep drinks filled.

Another server who is new like me, asked me where we kept the ice bucket. Number one: keeping the ice bin full when it is busy is a full time job in itself. Number two: a lot of the time the cooks have it back on their line icing down food products and forget to return it.

I told her if it wasn't where we kept it, the cooks probably had it. She said "No, I mean where do we keep it?"

For Pete's sake!

She has been there for almost two months and doesn't know where we keep the ice bucket? I was nice and said "On top of the ice machine." I was even extra nice and didn't add "DUH!!"

I had a killer night, that almost KILLED me! I waited on four tables and walked with $110.00.

I worked in the yard today for two hours before I went to work...love me that HOT Georgia sun. My body is slowly falling apart limb by limb but I have been lucky.

I have ONE bad knee, the other one is fine. I have carpal tunnel in one wrist from carrying dinner plates for 33 years but the other one is fine. One of my thumbs has been numb at the tip for over two years but the other thumb is fine. I have a constant ringing in my right ear and lately it feels like it is stopped up with water but if I pinch my nose and blow real hard it pops open for a while...the other ear, fine.

It's kinda like the "half full/ half empty glass theory." I have bad parts but I still have good parts. I may be fifty, but I weigh less than I did in high school. My hair might be going gray, but it is short and hard to notice. I have three kids but the 24 year old is gone and the next one turns eighteen next month. I have a lawn mower that causes me grief but a next door husband who can fix anything. I have a daughter who drives me nuts but is one of the sweetest girls on the planet. I got fired from a job that I hated and have a new job that I love. I am a hurricane and my husband is a gentle breeze. I have three dogs to feed and water but I have three dogs that love me unconditionally. I have bill collectors calling me but I have friends calling me too.

Life is a crazy mixed up thing. I have decided that if I am breathing, I am doing okay. Everything else will fall into place and work out on its own. As long as I have my blog, I have "MY" place. I have a place to go that I love and that for some reason other people love too. To feel loved is a marvelous feeling and one that I never take for granted. As long as I am breathing I will feel blessed. The other stuff is just the "half empty" part. As long as I have a "half full" part I feel pretty darn lucky.

Getting up early tomorrow to plant my Morning Glory seeds...probably late but I am thinking "Better late than never." Getting my hair cut to chop out the gray, putting my "Ring Relief" drops in my ear ...doing my nails just to feel "prettyful" (one of Massey's big words) and doing it all again.

I think my new motto is "Keep that glass half full."

Til next time...Halfway there COTTON

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