Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Experiment

So I'm not the 'absent minded professor'...wait a minute, maybe I am! (It will make sense in a minute...I hope)

I got home from work around 4 PM today and hopped on "Johnny" to cut the front of the subdivision. It takes about two and a half hours because most of it is in a culvert and requires weed forearms should look like Popeye's. Instead I look like Olive Oyl
with a bad haircut.
Massey walked up to visit me and I knew immediately that she wanted something from me. She can smile and wave and blow kisses all she wants but I know she's not there for moral support but for a favor. She's my third child, I learned THIS trick with the first one.
She wanted me to take her over to her BFF's house to spend the night. I told her I would when I got through and mentally thought "WOO HOO." All drama would be gone from the house...except for me, and "I'm the drama that counts."
I finished the front of the subdivision with only one cat whistle from a truck load of Mexicans (Thanks amigos) and putted back to the house.
Massey was ready to go, ready to escape my daily mantra of "Is your room clean?" and off we went. She was immediately mortified by the way I looked. I was in my grass cutting attire, my bikini top and Daisy Dukes (covered with one of Zach's Pink Floyd tee shirts) and the front of my shins were coated with grass from weed eating and the rest of the grass clippings were all stuck to my "Sonic the Hedge Hog" haircut.
We got to the front of the subdivision at the stop sign and I sat for a second to admire my handiwork. I saw a weed I had missed with my weed eater and told her to hold on a minute while I put the car in park and got out and plucked it out of the ground. She actually rolled the driver's side window and said "Are you seriously doing this?"
Damn Skippy!
Now that it looked all better I got back in the car and "Away we go..."
We got about a quarter of a mile from the house when she said "My friend Megan said that everyone reads your blog and asked if I minded that you put our life out there for everyone to read?"
I said "Well, does it bother you?" She said no, if you didn't blog it you would just TELL everyone anyway and this way saves time.
I cracked a smile and told her I didn't think THAT many people were reading my blog. She informed me that EVERYBODY read my blog. My girl loves me so she of course thinks I am Danielle Steele.
It got me thinking though.
Maybe I DO have readers, maybe I do have a smattering of people that read my drivel.
I have decide to conduct an experiment. No pressure, no spam or file phishing involved. My blog is MY one can hack in or steal your info.
I was just wondering how many people would admit to reading my blog? I used to have ads on my blog but I was generating so many hits that google cut me off (go figure...I guess google is having money trouble LOL) I used to have about 6,000 hits a month but since the ads are gone I have no way of tracking .
If you read my a comment. It can be "Yeah, you stink" or "Yes I do read." Whatever works for me. I think you have to create a google account or some crap but it lets you in and you can comment on my blog. It is at the bottom of every post.
This may be a good thing or it may make me really sad.
Either way...I am just curious. I would love to spellbind you with the teaser of tomorrow's post, but in my house..YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!
Til next time...COTTON


Denise said...

Well you have a new reader!!! I love it! I am playing catch up! Keep them coming.

Cotton said...

At least I have ONE have a lot of catching up to do...I seem to have written diarrhea when it comes to my blog...I posted one about the "Old Johnny's" a few weeks ago. Thanks for posting...keep in touch COTTON

Mary Anne said...

Not sure I know what I'm doing, but hopefully I'm leaving you a comment to tell you that I'm on the wagon, and am loving every minute of it!

Mary Anne said...

...and it's not 8:57pm, it's more like um midnight!!!

Cotton said...

Mary Anne...Thanks so much and my daughter wants that Winnie the Pooh bag!!

Myra Byrd Rivers said...

You know I read you. Keep it flowing, it's cheaper than a therapist. Aint Purl

Del said...

You know I read your blog. Ellen wants me to write a book about my life at the airport and she thinks you should pen the thing.

Frances said...

Your faithful reader. Always check it daily to see if there is a new one posted. Keep up the good work.

Walter said...

Days late...we all read you here in the 'hood!