Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Set To GO !

I just got home from work. Had a great shift, some friends came in to eat with me and I had another table of regulars from my old place and the night ran smooth as silk.

Last night I was counting my money stash for the beach trip and starting worrying about how much gas was going to cost me. Gas alone was going to take a big chunk and after buying four new tires for the trip I was already riding on empty.

"Think Cotton..."

I didn't have to think long. "Bingo" I had an answer.

When Massey and I first starting planning this trip I was worried about driving to Destin on four tires that were balder than my father in law's head...and trust me that's pretty bald.

As usual I always look to my immediate family when I need help. My brother who has helped me more than I imagine he wants has a spare car that he bought. I told Massey, "Let's do this. Call your Uncle and give him 2 options: #1 Buy me four new tires and let me pay him back five dollars a week. #2 Let us drive his spare car to Florida."

Luckily I scrambled enough money together for new tires and a front end alignment. After running off the road a couple of years back when I was running my mouth instead of paying attention, my car survived but the front end alignment didn't fare so well. When I drive the car it shakes so bad that I have to hold the steering wheel like a vise so it doesn't jump out of the column.

Four new tires and a smooth riding vehicle is now at my disposal for the trip but it really put a dent in my already dented bank account.

Last night I decided to bite the bullet and email my brother, who is probably already in the first stages of a law suit disowning me as a relative.

You know me...I made it all cutesy and funny and said that I was considering driving Massey to Florida on my John Deere but we wouldn't get there until Labor Day. I told him as long as I hadn't asked for anything in a while (ha ha) I thought he might want to fill up my car with gas for the trip down.

When I was smack down broke and out of a job my brother gave me a gas card to put fuel in our cars so that Tim and I could both at least go seek employment. I returned the card in the mail with a "Thank You" note and still intend on paying him back... or maybe just signing off on the documents his lawyer is drawing up disowning me from being a blood relative.

Just like I knew he would ...he emailed me...called me , left a voicemail and a text.

For Pete's sake he isn't even in town but working in Orlando this week! He has a friend staying in his condo and had them leave me the gas card under the welcome mat.

Massey went with me after work tonight to pick the card up and now we are "Set like a tight perm."

I have the greatest brother and sister in the world who would do anything for me and often have.

I was joking with Massey tonight and said "We got all we need now. We can eat at every Citgo station we see when we get hungry. We can feast on those big pickles they keep in a jar and I've always wondered about those pickled eggs and pig's feet that seem to be a staple down South. We can buy one of those hot dogs rotating around on a spike and try some of those peanuts they boil in the parking lot and pick up some pre packaged sandwiches that look so tasty next to the cash register."

I wonder if you can buy lottery tickets with a gas card?

Wouldn't that be great if I hit the jackpot and could pay him back in one fell swoop!!

I am TOTALLY kidding!

But it feels great to have a brother that doesn't bat an eye at helping his sister out ONE MORE time. A brother that graciously makes my trip feasible and treats me to a weekend away. I need this weekend more than you can imagine and now my big bro has made it happen.

No wonder he is moving back to Orlando.

One more shift at work and Massey and I are headed to the sandy shore not having to worry about gas money and only worrying about what the heck will happen to me if my brother ever decides to get married and have kids of his own. How will he manage to keep taking care of me and MY kids?

Maybe I'll give him a vasectomy for Christmas. Do you think urologists take Citgo cards?

All excited about our girl's get away. I work a day shift tomorrow and will cut grass when I get home so I won't come home to a jungle. I'm already worried about leaving "Goyd" in charge of the house and dogs.

I'll have to be sure and stop at a Citgo and pick him up a souvenir.

Til next time..."Coastal Bound Cotton"

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