Monday, June 16, 2014


Going on almost a month since my last day off but still feeling pretty good for an old woman. I had to be at the airport by one thirty today but had everything ironed, ready and packed up so slept in an extra twenty minutes.

I won't do THAT again!

Left with just an hour and thirty minutes before my shift started. The MARTA lot was packed but lately have been really lucky snagging a spot close to the entrance.

Not today.

Finally I saw a guy come out of the station and head to the parking lot. I caught up with him walking down an aisle and asked if he was leaving? He said yes but was way at the end of the lot.

Down to one hour before clock in. Beggars can't be choosers so asked if he wanted a ride to his car? The sun was blazing hot and I was sweating just sitting behind the wheel of my next door husband's little truck. He was a pretty big dude and didn't hesitate to take me up on my offer.

Unfortunately he was correct about being "Way at the end" but at least knew I had a spot waiting. He got out of the truck, thanked me for the lift and got into his car.

Down to forty five minutes I halfway jogged (uphill of course) and ran down the steps to the train, barely making it between the doors of the train as they closed. Five minutes later I got out and hoofed it quickly outside to the shuttle bus, out of breath AND under thirty minutes to spare.

My luck changed for the better (a feeling I'm definitely not used to) when the shuttle took off for the international terminal five minutes later. Sometimes they wait to fill the bus and sometimes if  travelers outnumber employees they ask you to step off and wait for the next shuttle.

The shuttle bus pulled up to the international terminal about twelve minutes later and mentally patted myself on the back for making such good time.

I was on my cell while on the shuttle, bragging on Facebook about what great time I was making, which meant I had my glasses on. I was all worried about how long the line may be at security and stood up to get off the shuttle bus quickly.

Here's the thing. I can't read squat without my peepers on but can't see to walk WITH them on.

I forgot to push them up onto the top of my head when I stepped down off the bus and couldn't tell how far down the step off was to the curb.

I learned very quickly was WAY off on my judgement of the step down and fell flat onto the palms of both hands and knees on the concrete. The humiliation made me jump up quickly and at least ONE dude asked if I was okay.

I shook my head up and down to let him know I was okay when immediately remembered I was wearing the brand new jeans I'd just bought at WalMart. (since all my other jeans were five years old and sagged like a bag on my now emaciated looking ninety eight pound frame)

I could feel one of my knees bleeding but Thank The Lord the new jeans were okay. I spent thirteen dollars on those jeans!!

I shoved my glasses back onto the top of my head, limped through the doors and headed for security.

Made it through and walked into the atrium with enough time to spare to sit in a chair for four minutes to let my sweat evaporate in the nice cool air conditioned terminal.  I wiped the knees of my brand new jeans off with spit on my fingers, both had marks on them from where I fell on the concrete.

You know, I don't have to make stuff up! My life is a comedy of errors.

Unfortunately USA was playing in the World Cup this afternoon and killed business. Slowest I've ever seen it since starting there but still walked out a hundred dollars richer.

I have to be at the restaurant by eight thirty tomorrow morning and not sleeping one minute past the time that alarm goes off.

On the upside will get off around five or six PM and to me, will be like a day off.

Til next time...COTTON

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