Thursday, June 12, 2014

Call me Dr. Cotton

Got home from work just as Friday the thirteenth started, 12:01 to be exact.  I learned so much tonight at work. I did a lead shift where I waited on another server's tables. Lucky for me the server was an excellent trainer and knows her stuff. I once again took voracious notes and used my last blank index card, making the pack so thick it barely fit in my back pocket. Once again they were very detailed.

Yes I'm old and yes I need specific instructions, especially since the next time I work will be on my own. I leave nothing to my old woman memory.

For example, my instructions on how to split payments reads like this:

Swipe Micros card
Hit P/U table
Hit Dine in sub total
Hit type in tip amount
Hit CC tip
Type in bottom line amount
Hit CC close.

I still feel nervous talking to tables but mainly because I know my trainer is listening to my attempt at feeling comfortable.

I've got all the table numbers down, I've got all the sidework down and have a semi pretty good grasp of the menu. Wines are still a bit touch and go but will come around with time and lots of studying and asking questions.

The thing I DO have going in my favor is I'm a hard worker and a team player. The thing which scares me the most is I'm playing in the big leagues now.

It was slow tonight and the server I worked with walked out with more  money than I've ever made on a twelve hour double shift.

Yes it's going to be hard, it already is but if I can pull this off and learn everything I need will be the answer to our prayers. Plus I'm staying at Mama's, my comfort zone and padding the pot.

If I can just keep up this seven day work week pace for six months, we'll finally be making  forward advancement as opposed to simply spinning our wheels and barely getting by.

I work at Mama's on Friday night, closing the store then have to be at the airport by eight thirty Saturday morning. I'll take my final Brain Surgeon exam and if I pass will start making tips at ten AM when they open.

I've fretted for three weeks that I couldn't do it but finally feel like maybe, just maybe I can.

I've asked so many questions I felt like a detective. Everyone has answered them although sometimes probably roll their eyes when I'm not looking but that's okay too.

Tim has an interview on Saturday for a full time job and looks very promising. Once things got despairingly desperate I turned to social media networking and put out that Tim was still looking for full time work.


Not thirty minutes later a friend from high school text me about a job and even had a phone number and extension for him to call. It's a long drive but with great benefits and decent pay.

Heck, we may have TWO  Brain Surgeons in the family!

When I first got to work today was complaining about MARTA and how long you had to wait for a train late at night. My trainer told me after eight the trains only run every twenty minutes, not every five. That means you have to catch it on the hour, or wait twenty minutes for the next one.

Unfortunately today I looked at the calendar on the wall at home before leaving for work. I was on day twenty one in a row with six months to go.

Tonight I clocked out with fifteen minutes to spare to make the next train. My trainer left at the same time, showed me a shortcut to the Plane Train and when we hit the turnstile for MARTA had one minute to spare.

Day twenty one in a row , ninety eight pounds soaking wet and haven't eaten since I left home makes a body tired but if the bigger, younger girl could run so could I!

Skidded between the doors of the train as they started to close and my heart was beating so hard I looked around to see if they had a defibrillator on board , just in case! It felt like my heart was pounding in my ears and was lucky enough to grab a pole as the train took off. I didn't see my friend on board but had been ahead of me so knew she'd made it too on another car.

The ride to the parking lot took maybe one minute and was still out of breath when the doors opened. Heck, my little skinny legs were still shaking as I climbed the steps to the platform...MARTA may be Smarta but boy do they make you work for the cheap ride!

I wanted to curl up on the curb of the parking lot like a vagrant, pull a piece of cardboard over me and go to sleep but stumbled on to my once again borrowed truck from my next door husband, opened the door and sat for five minutes behind the wheel huffing and puffing and hot flashing.

Twenty five minutes later I parked my next door husband's borrowed truck in his driveway and literally stumbled down the slight hill between our two yards to my own house.

Looks like Friday the thirteenth is gonna be my lucky day.

Not to forget the hand that has fed us for over four years. On the way to the airport today called Mama's to see what time I had to be there on Friday. I've been opening and working again at three thirty every Friday and Saturday since taking this new job Sunday through Thursday. I don't much like it but am extremely grateful they have kept me on. The hostess told me I didn't work until five on Friday.

Looks like I have half a day off! That's HUGE to me.

I can sleep in, go to bank to deposit my airport check from training, pay the bills most currently overdue and maybe even have time for a nap before heading in at five.

I don't want to jinx myself.

 Still have to pass the final exam on Saturday before going on the floor but if I've made it his far, there's NO stopping me now!

Til next time... Dr. COTTON

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