Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sheesh Life Can be Tough

This new job is a great opportunity. I feel lost, there is so much to learn but trying my best to absorb all I can from constant note taking and asking questions.

It doesn't help I'm working seven days a week again and have little if no time for things around the house or time enough to study for the new job. I study at work when I first get there before the manager asks me to do something or follow someone. I spend my thirty minute break looking over my notes and cramming more into my tiny brain. I learned tonight am only the second person ever hired on as a server without having to be a server's assistant first, working  my way up to being trained as a server.

Crap, now I feel even MORE pressure!
It's just a stress filled experience. I'm worried about financial things, I'm worried about how I'm letting things go around the house and mostly worried about when I leave the house every day for the airport.

Working at the busiest airport in the world is a logistical nightmare when you ride MARTA from the station where I park. I pulled into the MARTA parking lot over an hour before I had to clock in. Once I get on a train I'm at the airport in one minute, on a shuttle to International in two minutes and walking through security twelve minutes later. It took me thirty minutes to find a place to park.

Now I know why all the cars line up in front of the station. They are all looking for someone leaving and ask them out their car window if they can have the spot they are vacating and which aisle is it on?

I'm a pretty quick learner. I went through both lots twice with no luck and almost drove to the next MARTA station when I caught on to the game.

I keep slowly circling the lot by the train entrance until I spotted a lone guy in a MARTA uniform leaving with a lunch box in his hand.


I said sweetly out my car window, "Hello kind sir! Would you perhaps be vacating a spot where I could possibly park?"

That's right!

 He pointed to a space not fifty feet from the train entrance and I slowly crept behind him in my once again borrowed vehicle.

So now I've got the parking problem solved but unfortunately is the least of my problems.

Now I have at least forty wines to memorize, and by that I mean know where they come from, what region of the country they come from, all the facts about body, taste and price.

Here's my new plan now that I have the parking problem solved.

I'm going to choose eight wines to memorize like the back of my vein ridden, age spotted hand. Four whites, two less expensive and two higher end wines and do the same with the reds. At least I'll have eight "Go To" wines that I know quite well and if they don't work will simply look over the customer's shoulder and cheat off the wine list in front of them.

With everything going on around here on the home front am just terrified I will go into work and them tell me I'm not quite up to their standards and let me go.

I think they like me, it's hard to tell. It's sometimes slow but sometimes total chaos and just try to keep up and help out.

I pray every night I can make the grade. It's a classy, upscale restaurant and a realm I've never worked in but want to.

It's like I told the young host I was working with at the front door tonight (who was cute as a button and shared my box of  Sweet Tarts with) ...

"If you've got enough money to fly to the south of France for a month you've got plenty of money to eat here."

I can barely afford the box of Sweet Tarts and only buy them when on sale for a dollar.

What the heck, I'll wake up again and give it another try.

The problem is this job is trying and feel totally overwhelmed but sincerely think I can do it and do it well.

I just gotta be tougher than the problem.

Til next time..COTTON

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