Sunday, June 22, 2014

Getting Better Every day

Through trial and error have learned a new shortcut every day. It's a must to have my uniform clean, ironed and ready to go. If it's a week day I have to add fifteen minutes for the fight for a spot to park at MARTA. If it's a weekend, spaces are wide open without business commuters. On the other hand, during the week the MARTA train runs every five minutes or so...weekends and after eight only every twenty which is a long time to wait with time constraints heading into work and seem even longer when you're tired and ready to leave AFTER work.

I've learned a short cut to the Plane Train heading back to the domestic terminal from the restaurant when I leave after my shift and also learned an excellent way to save time once I get off the Plane Train and have to fight the masses exiting to go up the three escalators to the terminal where I catch the MARTA train. I go to the far left side and wait for the Plane Train, getting on the first car. When the Plane Train finally stops at ground transportation and get off, am exiting the one nearest the escalators and can scurry up first like a skinny rat. I've learned to watch the time and if it's a weekend or after eight PM know that if I can hit the MARTA station on the hour, twenty after of forty after can make the next train back to the parking lot without having to wait an extra twenty minutes.

BAM! Looks like I'm quickly learning the ropes of navigating public transportation as well as the ropes of being a brain surgeon.

I'm also feeling more comfortable about talking with tables, suggesting items (including wine, beer and cocktails) and beginning to feel familiar enough to even suggestively upsell.

It's completely different from working in a street side restaurant. No mad rush at lunch or dinner time. Everything depends on flights, departure times and possible delays.

It's also fascinating to me when ask where they are headed to or coming back from?

Case in point:

Just today I waited on a family going on a Mediterranean cruise, another going to Paris, a couple headed to Amsterdam, a family taking their young twin daughters to Japan for their birthday and an older couple headed to Greece to meet up with their son, daughter in law and children before flying to the island of Crete for a month. I also waited on a mother and young son heading back home to London but refrained from my usual comment of "Tell the Queen we said Howdy!"

I'm on day number "Can't even tell you" in a row of working but actually feel pretty good. My husband's been great, knows my horrible eating habits and makes me breakfast every morning before I leave for work. I shove a banana into my clear plastic purse to eat as a snack and have even grown from a size Zero to a size One in pants.

"Baby Steps" but at least gaining a bit of much needed weight.

Funny story about my plastic clear purse.

When you work for a huge corporation running  stores and restaurants at the airport most require (and give you) a clear bag to keep personal items in. It's mostly for theft protection and totally get it but is the ugliest thing I've ever owned, besides our bulldog, Charlie.

So am sitting on the International shuttle the other day to go to work. Lucky for me was a quiet day and made it on. Passengers get first dibs and if you're an employee sometimes get kicked off and have to wait for the next shuttle

I was riding with two women  headed to Europe for vacation. My phone buzzed in my hideously looking clear bag and took it out to answer a text.

One of the women said "Now THAT'S a cute clever purse!" The other woman nodded and said  "You don't even have to scrounge around to find where things can just SEE them!"

I told her thought that was most probably the point when my employers gave it to me, so THEY could see what I WAS carrying.

One of them finally said "Oh my goodness."


The rest of the ride was  in silence.

I'm getting closer though. Every shift I leave making at LEAST two Franklin's and finally not simply spinning wheels but moving forward.

With this total blessing of of my new job and comfort of knowing I still have my other job to pad the kitty, can say without doubt...

"I'm going to make it after all."

Til next time...COTTON

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