Friday, June 20, 2014

Most Excellent Week, Even with all the Bumps and Bruises

Made it through the week, albeit beating myself up.

First I tore my knees up missing the step off the shuttle at the airport.

Then like an even BIGGER dummy twisted my ankle simply walking out the front door of my house on my way to work.

Then like a HUGE dummy, the next day left my cell phone in the airport public restroom. It was long gone when I ran back five minutes later.

I was off on Thursday from the airport but worked at my home restaurant here in Newnan. My knees were still sore but the pain from my ankle made me forget about them.

I got to work for my lunch shift and it wasn't busy yet so called the airport Lost and Found to see if maybe, just maybe someone had turned my iPhone in. Took me thirty minutes to get through but believe it or not, They Had It! I had called Tim at home and told him to send a text to my phone saying "I work at Ecco, concourse F in the international terminal. Please return my phone." My screen was locked but when I get a text it appears on the screen. The guy at the airport asked if I worked at the airport and when I told him I worked at Ecco said "Yep, we got it!"

I was BEYOND thrilled. Got off around three thirty and had to go by the Dept. of Labor to report I had indeed passed all the probationary tests and was officially hired at a new job. I've been getting an Unemployment check from my old part time job but now no longer needed it. The government assistance was the only thing keeping our heads from totally going under but now felt proud as Pop going in to talk with my recruiter to tell her I had a new job!

Of course it's a government office so had to sit for thirty minutes before she saw me. She is a really nice lady and helped me a lot. She was the one who actually talked me into making a resume, even though I was "Just a server". I had to submit a resume for the airport job and had attended two classes at the DOL about how to make your resume stand out.

Papers were signed and faxed. It was official, I was off the government payroll! Some (millions of) dishonest people try to linger and suck the system dry but I for one was elated about it.

I worked on the floor at the new place just four days this week and made enough for almost half a mortgage payment, which isn't small when you have a fifteen year mortgage.

JEEZ, just think what I can make when I totally learn everything and have a full section of tables!!

It's not easy for me. It's all brand new, totally overwhelming but most people there have been a huge help and think they realize I'm a hard worker.

I wake up most days not even knowing what day it is but know I have to be at work SOMEWHERE and better get a move on.

This new job will most definitely pay most of our mortgage in one week. Working the other two days at my home restaurant will pay for groceries, gas, staples and dog food.

Tim has a lead on a new job, close to home and only waiting on the background check.

I don't want to jinx myself but actually think, finally think after over five years of struggling we may have a real shot at not only getting caught up but moving ahead.

It's an absolutely WONDERFUL feeling!

I woke up this morning by eight o'clock after crashing on the couch before eleven last night.

When you wake up feeling positive about your life it's like you can't wait to get started on your day!

I took Zach to work , went by Tractor Supply and bought the pups some flea, tick, mosquito repellent and came home feeling like a queen.

I changed into my Daisy Dukes, bathing suit top and cut grass for over two hours in ninety degree heat. I got out my weed eater and trimmed the entire back yard then raked up all the grass and put it in the fire pit.

It felt good to be "Me" again!

My wonderful daughter posted a quotation the other day on my FB wall after a particularly bad day.

Holy Crap...this was me!

I found out later from her it came from the book "The Alchemist". She brought the book home for me to read this past weekend. Working seven days don't have much spare time but am almost halfway through and reading it with a highlighter to mark significant quotes...and there are many.

The first thing which struck me like a slap in the face was:

"He had to choose between something he had become accustomed to and something he wanted to have."

I love working at Mama Lucia's seven minutes from my house. Yes they are cray cray but love me for some unknown reason and I them... but  as "The Alchemist" also said "Sometimes there's just no way to hold back the river."

We were drowning in debt and the bills were still piling in.

They were both upset when told them I had taken another part time job. Len (the chef) was particularly ticked. His wife talked him in to keeping me on mentioning we have been through the wringer and just didn't think it would be right considering our circumstances.


Len has finally somewhat settled down after a few tense shifts and Barb has my back, wanting my family to succeed even though it means them losing me four days a week.

I came across this quote tonight in the book, which sums up how this family feels about me after working for them for over four years. You may have to read the book to get the gist, but isn't a bad idea either.

"I'm leaving today," said the boy. "I have the money I need to buy my sheep. And you have the money you need to go to Mecca."
The old man said nothing.
"Will you give me your blessing?" asked the boy. "You have helped me." The man continued to prepare his tea, saying nothing. Then he turned to the boy.

"I am proud of you" he said. "You brought a new feeling into my crystal shop. But you know that I'm not going to go to Mecca. Just as you know that you're not going to buy your sheep."
"Who told you that?" asked the boy, startled.
"Maktub," said the old crystal merchant.
And he gave the boy his blessing.

(Maktub loosely means "It is written". I helped THIER crystal shop and brought a new feeling into it. Len may never get his sailboat and Barb may never get away with killing Len, but both know I'm not looking to immediately be back on top but have to do what I must do.Let's go ahead and make me sad, and  quote this next one.)

"He left without saying good-bye to the crystal merchant. He didn't want to cry with other people there. He was going to miss this the place and all the good things he had learned. He was more confident in  himself, though, and felt as though he could conquer the world."

Felt great to feel positive today. It's been a while.

Rode my Johnny Dear, worked in the yards and knocked out another shift at work tonight.

Heading back to the crazy airport world tomorrow, now today.

Life is good.

Til later...COTTON

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