Friday, June 6, 2014

Girl Time!

My camp counselor came home this weekend after training for a visit before all the kiddos arrive at camp next week. Pretty nice digs for a camp! This is the main cabin for the girl's she'll be in charge of. It has a kitchen, great room with TV, bathrooms for the campers and one for the counselors. It also has a loft. 

Here's  a picture of a frog on a log! It even has a lady bug on it's on the picture to enlarge.

This was taken from the back side of the main cabin. That's Massey's cabin on the left and the girl's three cabins on the right.

The above photo is Ivy Corner, it has a spa house where they make soaps, lip gloss, bath salts, face masks and a place where they can paint their nails.

Here's Massey and her college room mate petting Misty, a pet deer known as their "Deer Dog." She was found when only two days old and raised with puppies being bottle fed, then brought to the camp to live on the 220 acre camp.

I'm excited for Massey to have this opportunity this summer, think she will have a ball and know those girls will love her being their counselor.

Canoeing in the lake, archery, swimming in the pool, arts and crafts, building shelters in the woods like the one above and much more.

I'm not sure who's luckier... Massey and her friends from college who are counselors this summer or the girls who will attend the camp?

Just glad to have her home this weekend.

My little girl has grown up and just thinking of this brings a little tear to my eye and a huge tug on my heart strings.

One summer she was just a little tot.

Seemed like the next year she was going to prom.

Then prom again.

I turned my head to look away for what seemed like just a second and suddenly she was having senior pictures made.

Then the next time I turn around she's finishing her freshman year at college and looking WAY too grown up.

This little girl who almost killed us both by demanding to be born in August instead of October weighing in at barely four pounds, fought like a giant and beat all the odds.

She's always been my garden of sunshine and will always be my best friend.

Her life is just beginning and can't wait to see how far she goes.

She loves me even though I'm a crazy person.

 She loves me with all my faults and I love her with her own.

We're like "Peas and carrots" as Forrest Gump said.

I'm proud of all my kids and love them so much it is a physical ache but the bond between mother and daughter is unique. Boys don't care for all the " Touchy Feely" stuff. Girls do.

This is me with my own mother at the age of fourteen. Little did I know,  less than three years later the hugs would end.

Every day I have with Massey is a blessing. When I was her age my own mother was gone.

I may think I'm older and wiser than her but have a feeling she will end up being the smarter one. At least I hope so.

Go gettum kid!

Til next time, a pretty proud COTTON

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