Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Come on Karma, One More Time !

Didn't even know what day of the week it was when I woke up but knew I had to work somewhere. I asked Tim what day it was and then at least knew it was an airport day.

My daughter gave me "The Alchemist" and have been reading it with a highlighter to mark things significant. I came across this quote early on and precisely sums up my choice to step out of the box and take this new second job.

"He had to choose between something he had become accustomed to and something he wanted to have."

Our financial struggle these past five years have taken a toll on not only me but my marriage and felt the waters quickly rising. It's been a tough adjustment and one of the hardest things I've ever done but know it's for the best and with each shift, feel a tiny bit more comfortable and hugely amazed at what international travelers not only spend on food but tip as well.

So now that I knew what day it was,  got up and got ready once again for my trek to Concourse F or as I call it...Yemen. Working at international adds at the very least twenty five minutes to my travel time once I get into the airport.

I left out the front door to go to my next door husband's house where my borrowed little truck sits, and going down the first step of our  front porch twisted my ankle. I wear Dansko's for work. They are great (extremely expensive) shoes. My sister gave me a pair about six years ago for Christmas. They are sturdy but add almost two inches. My foot turned to the side and almost fell but caught myself and continued to limp to the borrowed vehicle not wanting to run late.

It was killing me by the time I got off the shuttle to the international terminal but at least took my mind off my skinned up knees.

Got all my opening work done for my shift and since it was slow took my thirty minute break to scarf down my free meal before it got busy. I stuck my phone in my back pocket and went to the food court to eat. Got me two Chili Steaks, onion rings and a Co-Cola from The Varsity while scrolling through emails.

I checked in on Facebook since WiFi is free at the airport and even took this cutesy pic of my healthy snack!

I left the food court and stopped by the restroom before heading back to work.

I broke down and bought some jeans that actually fit me the other day and the back pockets are tiny, just like the pants. When I pulled them down to pee my phone almost dropped out of my back pocket so put it on the shelf in the stall.

Got back to work, clocked in and went to put my phone back in my bag  under the counter.

Not a GOOD FEELING immediately struck me! I raced back across the food court, not five minutes later but my phone was gone.

I raced BACK to work and tried to get it off my mind. No time to worry about it now, it was a done deal and the restaurant was starting to get busy with several delayed flights.

I didn't get off until after eleven but went downstairs to the information booth and spoke with a gentleman. He said Lost and Found closes at seven but gave me a number to call tomorrow (now today). Earlier one of my co workers had stopped by the bar right across from the restrooms and asked if a phone had been turned in when she took a restroom break but got a "No."

I limped down to the Plane Train to go back to domestic and ride MARTA back to my borrowed ride. The one good thing about getting off late is the Plane Train is pretty empty and I get to sit down. When I left F Concourse was alone so pulled off my shoe and sock to look at my ankle.

I'll be needing to finding an Ace bandage before I go to Mama Lucia's to work in the morning. My ankle is the only fat part of my body right now, black and blue to boot!

I have faith in my fellow man. Someone will turn in my phone and will get it back. I have to work a day shift at Mama Lucia's tomorrow (today) but will call the airport to check and see if maybe Karma has smiled on me once again.

If not at least is the only cell  phone we have with insurance on it, not that it matters much. I've heard nightmare stories about how lame the insurance is and meant to drop it a while back. If the phone is gone it's no ones fault but mine.

A phone can be replaced, although can't really afford that right now. But I lived for over forty years without one and can do it again.

My main concern now is my ankle which is pretty painful and have to work Thursday and Friday at my home restaurant then returning to the airport first thing Saturday morning by eight thirty.

I've said it before and will say it again, "You can't make this stuff up." My life is a comedy of errors but at least still think of it that way.

Limping to bed...COTTON

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