Monday, June 30, 2014

What Are the Odds?

Woke up this morning totally exhausted from my double shift yesterday at the airport but feeling almost giddy about being able to make the mortgage payment. Tim cooked me a big breakfast and by noon was walking out the door to go back for another shift.

I found a parking spot four spaces from the front of the MARTA station entrance and took it as yet another good omen. My next good omen was making it onto the Sardine Shuttle five minutes before it began to pour rain.

Walked into work and hadn't walked ten feet before a friend of mine who is also a server there said "You got Shopped again."

You have GOT to be kidding me??

On my very first day of waiting tables on my own,  I got Shopped and was devastated to learn the score was 78 out of a possible 100.

The parent company I work for hires secret shoppers to come in posing as regular customers and rate their experience.

Number one, it was my very first shift and number two, I was pretty much faking it as I went.

The corporate big wigs weren't upset but seemed rather pleased that I scored that high being a brand new server working a really busy shift which happened to be under staffed.


When you work for a big corporation you can be fired if you do a lousy job on a Shopper Report. It made me more determined to do an even better job and felt okay that at least had been Shopped and most probably wouldn't happen again for quite a while or at least until I felt more secure about all my abilities as a server in a fine dining restaurant.

One week later, I get Shopped again! What are the odds of THAT happening? I guess pretty good if you're a COTTON.

The manager was eating his dinner and spoke to me as I went by to clock in and said "What have you done to have the gods conspire against you? You got Shopped again."

I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit but then he said "You did a good job though, got a 93."

Another "WHEW"!!

My first shop was on June fifteenth, my second on June twenty third.

I asked the manager if I could see the Shopper Report and he printed me off a copy.

I remembered the woman. She was pregnant, flying out of the country on a business trip.

It really pumped up my self esteem. I only missed two things, asking if she was under any time constraints and pointing out that gratuity was already added although mentioned it was stated several times on her check and receipt.

Geez, she went into some detail!

Here's my favorite part:

"Kelly was incredibly sincere and very knowledgeable about the menu. I felt like she was there to take care of me and wanted to make sure I returned which is a rare feeling when you're eating in an atmosphere like the airport."

Heck yeah, GO ME!!

Looks like fretting over learning everything paid off! She also wrote:

"She also asked me if I was going to save room for dessert. I asked what they had and she described all the gelatos (it was impressive she named off all the flavors!)."

My general manager told me that Robby  (one of the founding owners of Fifth Group) called to say this report sounded like I had been working for Ecco for years, not weeks.

Go me AGAIN!

I'm simply not used to good things happening but looks like I'd better change that perception.

We started out slow tonight but as the evening progressed got busy as European departure times approached. The eighteen percent gratuity I made from charges was $182 and will go onto my next paycheck. Extra gratuity over eighteen percent they give me in cash and left with eighty bucks in my pocket.

Yes please, and thank you!

The worries over training, the massive amount of studying and even the added travel time to and from work has finally paid off.

I can finally say, without (well maybe a little) doubt we have finally turned the corner and everything will be just fine.

Seems like KARMA finally rolled back around.

Tumbling into bed, waking up by six fifteen to be at the airport by eight thirty to clock in. I'll get off around six and be home in time to work in the yards for a while.

Loving life about now...COTTON

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