Monday, September 30, 2013

Switching Hats Again

Just got home from the restaurant. It wasn't overly busy but the tipping gods smiled on me and I made enough to buy groceries for the week and have a few bucks left over. Tonight was my Friday at  the restaurant and tomorrow is my Monday at  the mattress store. Worked myself silly this weekend and looking forward to the quiet of the mattress store.

When I logged into my account tonight,  noticed my blog has 76,976 page views. Not bad for a rookie. I'm glad peeps seem to be enjoying it because I LOVE doing this blog.

It will be nice to settle into my other hat tomorrow. I like working alone. I like meeting new people and I like having time to myself. I come in and get everything ready, check emails and inventory then eat my breakfast my husband cooks and packs up for me every  day.  I upload pics of furniture and mattresses to Facebook to advertise then usually read my book waiting for people to come in. I loved the Game of Thrones series and was sad to finish it. A blog reader suggested The Pillars of Life and lucky for me, Massey bought it for my birthday.

Writing is my passion but reading is a close second. The written word is mesmerizing to me. I envision what every person looks like and know exactly how their voice should sound.  Sometimes I will see a random person and say to myself, "Well there goes Ned Stark, wonder what he's doing in Newnan, Georgia?"

The Pillars of the Earth had me on the edge of my seat by  the end of the book. There were plenty of characters to hate and despise and was on pins and needles until they finally hanged the Rat Bast I detested in the last few pages. I had been posting on FB about how great the book was and an FB friend brought me the next  book in the series to read.

I'm all pumped to go in tomorrow, open up get my duties done and start reading the second book.

The only thing crazier than the book series I am reading is that tomorrow is October. What the heck happened to 2013 and how in the heck has it flown by  so fast?

Life is good here. We've been through a lot survived a lot and been loved a lot. That should be my new motto!

The cooks at  work tonight were talking about me from their line across the expo counter in North Korea. (see previous post) They were talking about how much I eat yet how tiny I am. I do  eat like crazy at work but am running around even crazier. It's not like I'm kicked back in bed stuffing food in my mouth and not moving for ten hours. I rarely eat at home.  I cook at  home and love to. I'll taste test all through my cooking process but by  the time they all sit down to eat I am ready to start  cleaning up and putting it all away into  containers. I peered across the great divide and told them I was back up to a hundred pounds.

It started out slow and I am known for bringing in lots of candy. M&M's, Reese's, Whoppers and  like me some Sweet Tarts too. One of the cooks, who started as a dishwasher and thanks to my persistent nagging was allowed the chance to move up and has proved  to be a great addition to the cook line in North Korea asked me if I had any chocolate? I told him no and he asked if I had time to walk over to the candy store  and buy some. It was slow so I walked  over, it's only three stores down... they were closed up tight as a drum with a note taped to the front door: "Our last day will be Sept. 29"

On the other side of our restaurant is a theater so walked over there to go into the lobby to get my buddy his fix. They wanted four bucks for a tiny box of M&M's. I asked if the price included a movie ticket? It didn't so I walked back over to the restaurant.

I told my friend (who BTW is African American) "Hey buddy, sorry but if you want some chocolate your best  best is to gnaw on your arm."

He is one of the nicest most polite young men I have ever met. Always calls me Ms. Kelly and is a hard stinking worker. He also attended the camp my youngest son did for a thirty day stint.

Dollar Tree is right next  door to my mattress shop and will drop by  tomorrow and buy my buddy  all the candy  he could possibly want. I'll even pick me up another bag of Whoppers, the breakfast of  idiots.

Going to bed feeling blessed. I have two jobs I love , a family and a bunch of other peeps who always have by back. Yep...I'm sitting pretty.

Til next time...COTTON

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