Monday, September 9, 2013

Pacing Myself

Worked  the day shift at  the restaurant yesterday. I wanted to go visit Massey at the university but still having car issues. I am borrowing a twenty five year old car from my sister and her husband. It's a Mercedes and still runs great albeit with a few intricacies. It takes a while to wiggle the key into the ignition but after Harvey told me you had to treat it like a feather, I've got that part worked out. Then when starting it first thing in the morning  have to pat furiously on the accelerator while turning the key (after feathering it into position) to get it started. Once you  let it warm up (that's when I finish my makeup in  the rear view mirror) it's good to go! The body is in great shape and even has a working stereo and A/C unlike my last ride! The tires aren't so great but am planning on buying two used tires in lieu of rental fees as soon as I can. It's great for what I need, getting back and forth to work, five miles away.

One of the girls I work with offered to drive us up in her car to  take Massey for a burger at The Vortex  and told her I'd chip in for gas. The girl is a HOOT! Naturally she is young enough to be my daughter , every female server but one is. She's super smart, going to school to be a Veterinarian and believe it or not even louder and crazier than me.  We'll call her a bawdy sort. Curses like a sailor, and has a laugh even louder than mine...I love her to death!

We picked up Massey and her new friend from  the dorm parking lot and after five minutes of throwing crap in the back, moving back packs, lunch boxes, empty drink bottles an open box of Hot Tamales and clothing; the kids finally had room to sit in the back seat. I shook hands with Massey's new friend and introduced him to Catie.  I told him she was a neat freak so don't mess up her car. He smiled and climbed in back with Massey. About one mile and twenty swear words from Catie later I told him Catie was a delicate flower and even he AND Catie laughed.

We checked in at The Vortex , put our name on the waiting list and meandered next door to  The Junkman's Daughter.

Massey's friend grew up in small town Valdosta and had never wandered off the GSU campus. The minute we walked into  the Junkman's Daughter he fell in love with the place. It's like stepping back in time while at the same time walking into some bizarre future. It's just a cool place. Where else  can  you buy a pair of squirrel underpants...whitey tighties none the less ? Actually a friend of mine gave me a pair last year for Christmas, they are tiny and even have the front flap! It's a crazy eclectic place you could spend hours in.

We walked back next  door and sat down in another really eclectic place. You  could spend hours just looking at  the walls, decorations, ceiling and the other people.
Here's Massey and her new friend with my sailor of a friend, Capt.Catie. Oh she looks innocent but looks are deceiving!
It was the best burger I have ever eaten. The tater tots were awesome,  the fried pickles were off the chain and it took us forever to choose a burger because there are so many to choose from.
Not over priced but really affordable. Our very tattooed waitress was really nice, the guy who worked there with  his keys attached to an actual tow chain hanging out of his pocket, pulling his already sagging pants down seemed friendly yet we all coexisted!

There is nothing like a trip to Little Five! (small pun)

Massey's roomie couldn't go with us and am still kicking myself in the butt for not ordering her a burger to go. You know, I'm old and stupid. I was worried about getting back home so Catie could study for school. Next  time I head up to see  the girls  will stop at The Vortex first and get Alison a burger to go or better yet take her there.

Went to bed early. woke up exhausted.

I'm pacing myself. I'm back to working seven days a week but grateful to have the opportunity. I woke up early, watched the news and thought about cutting the grass since I won't be til off again during the day til Friday. Then I thought about my work week, rolled over and patted the tummy of the pup next  to me and remained horizontal til two. It hasn't rained here in a while and can always cut the grass on Friday before I go into work at the restaurant.

Went into work tonight and even though it was slow (huge NOT shout out to Monday night football)  left with enough money  to run us til Friday.

One thing I DID learn while remaining horizontal today and too lazy to find the remote  is that the Maury Povich show almost makes the Jerry  Springer show seem like it should be on PBS. These guys are clowns and the people on their shows are puppets of clowns, at best. Do people really watch  these shows on purpose?

Heading to the Mattress store tomorrow and starting over yet again.

I waited on an older lady yesterday at the restaurant who is a regular but a delight to wait on. (if she likes you) I asked where she has been, haven't seen her in a while and she replied she had been in the hospital. I asked if she was okay now?

Classic moment.

She said  "Well it's good to be here and like people of my age say, it's better to be seen  than viewed."

Ain't  THAT the truth!

Doing it all again tomorrow and glad for the chance.

Til next  time...COTTON

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