Thursday, September 26, 2013


Well that hurt.  This is  the first time I've ever struck  totally out at my retail gig. Three days of trying. I know that September is the slowest month in the restaurant industry, guess it's a slow one industry least I HOPE that was it. I had a big sale ready today, they were sure of what  they wanted just wanted to go pick up the husband and bring him back.  Well looks like some buyers are liars. Now watch them come back tomorrow when I'm not there. I went ahead, worked up a quote and left a note for the other manager saying they may be back on Friday. Hopefully if they come back he'll give me the sale.

Actually maybe it was God's way of giving me time to rest with pay.  I did make a few good contacts and one guy came back in today who was in last week saying he gets paid next week and will see me then. I did meet some interesting people though. I pry their story out of them. Met a woman who just moved here from Scotland, actually her plane landed this morning. Her husband has Parkinson's and they need a king size bed because he thrashes around so much in his sleep. I met two women who just moved here from Louisiana, one of them is a patient at the new Cancer Treatment Center. They seemed interested, hopefully will be back and when they left I told the one who was a patient I would pray for her. (already done)

I'm sure the owner of the store won't be too happy about me zeroing out but when you learn about people and connect with them  they are more apt to come back and I'm all about learning about some peeps!

My last day off was when we moved my daughter into her dorm room so pretty much  that doesn't even count as a day off since it was a bazillion degrees and her dorm room was on the fifth floor.

I feel much rested now and can go at least a few more weeks. It's not like I dig ditches for a living or tar roof tops.

I got to read my book, which I highly recommend "The Pillars of the Earth" and give myself a manicure. I got to eat three meals a day, something I rarely do. Granted I also ate  an entire bag of Whoppers...dang I love those malted milk balls! I dusted all the dressers and chests in the store and took out all the trash.

I got home from work tonight ready to clean my house. Three male dogs and two men make a house stink. I came home to a dark and deserted house and quickly changed my mind. The dogs haven't complained and no one else is home. I forgot Tim was going to the Tech game compliments of his buddy and Zach is obviously somewhere else. So I did what any smart tired old woman would do. I lit some tea light candles underneath my Yankee Candle tart burners and fifteen minutes my house smelled wonderful and sat down to blog. Granted my house isn't clean but it smells!

My  biggest  accomplishment  tonight will be rolling the trash can out to the curb for  tomorrow's pick up and they are lucky I am doing that.

I am going to see Frances again in the morning before coming home to cut the yards before work tomorrow night. I hope and pray she is either remarkably better or closer to her just reward.

Yep, I am lucky. Frances was lucky for over eighty years and now I just want luck  to find her once again, snatch her away and let her be whole again.

You never know, I may go tomorrow to visit and her be as alert as a bird. You can always hope.

"We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope." (Martin Luther King Jr.)

Til next time...COTTON

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