Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Day Done

My nice hubby cooked me breakfast and wrapped it to go this morning. I leave for work with zero time to spare but have plenty of time to eat once I clock in. Yesterday at work I finally found the thermostat for the A/C. There was a poster taped up over it. I turned it on around noon and set it for 83 degrees. Eighty three I can take, especially when I'm not doing anything but sitting in front of a fan reading a book. When I have to load mattresses,  that's another story.

A cute couple came in around noon and after about fifteen minutes of showing them around settled on a nice mattress set for $649. They got a great deal, it had been marked down from $899. They paid for it, said  they were going to borrow a truck and come back to pick it up.

I don't make commission til it's out the door so "Out the door" is my mantra. It's just me there so as soon as they left I got busy. They bought the floor model which meant I had to pull  the mattress off the frame, wrap it up and do  the same with the box springs. It was, as we say in the south "Like wraslin' a bar."

I had to maneuver the mattress back into it's original yet now ripped open bag and do the same with the box springs. I sweated for over an hour like a ninety five pound Archie Bunker at The Apollo Theater trying to get  the queen size mattress back into the bag and finally called Tim at  the house and asked him to come help me. Lucky for me we only live eight minutes away and by  the time he got there I weighed ninety three pounds. It took us a while but we got it done. I would have never gotten it done alone, it was a huge thick pillow top mattress. He helped me roll them both to the back door for pick up and I fainted back into my chair in front of my fans. I had several more people come in browsing and asking questions.

I was very apprehensive about this move to the mattress store but seem to really connect with peeps.  I find out their needs  then I find out their story.  Divorced, bitter, broke, moving to town, starting a new job or moving into a new house. I like talking so it works out well for me.

A woman walked in a little while later who was in yesterday. (a good sign)  She looked familiar for some reason  but then again as Massey says "You know everybody momma." She wanted a king size mattress and box springs, said they were down to the wire and would bring her husband back in after he  got off work.

My buddy  came back to pick up the mattress Tim had helped me wrasle into a bag. He borrowed a truck from a friend of his and the tailgate didn't open so we had to lift it over the back. Not easy!

Down to ninety two pounds, I heated up some left over frozen pizza in the microwave and popped a cold Co-Cola.

Had several other peeps drop in  and think that two out of the three will come back tomorrow.

Then five minutes before closing, the woman came back with her husband and within the matter of five minutes decided on a $900 mattress set.  The husband said  "Ring us up, we're taking it." They wanted to pay with two different cards, splitting the cost. Never done that before but willing to try! I'm not really tech savvy, at best I am a hunt and peck girl by  trial and error. I was worried about it because the first transaction seemed to not go  through and was scared to  run the card again. If someone ran my card twice for a twenty dollar purchase I would be in the red. To be sure I called my buddy  at  corporate, at  eight 'clock. I bet his wife was thrilled!

We figured it out, after he logged into my computer and watched me process both cards. Huge shout out to Robert!

Then we loaded a giant mattress into the back of a pickup with one of those lift top covers. We wedged, we shifted and we moved but we got it in there! I was talking with them after we hoisted, shoved and crammed  the set into  their truck. I was telling them about the woman who came in yesterday wanting to borrow gas money and telling them about my boss from  my other job who asked if I gave the woman money? The customer looked at me and asked if I worked at the Italian restaurant across  the street? She perked up and said "You waited on us when we went there!"

Networking is the way to go!

So  the first week I did pretty much nothing but had a couple of sales. The second week I doubled my sales, and this third week I have already doubled my sales again and have one more day to go.

I'm thinking I may be good at this! I'm not techno savvy but know how to connect with people and for  some strange reason they seem to like me. I don't buy a lot of things but when I do it's always from someone I trust.

If tomorrow proves as good  as today, I may have found my niche.

Keeping my fingers crossed and putting on extra deodorant in the morning. I'm a tiny person but think I may be able to accomplish grand things.

Til next time...COTTON

Til next  time COTTON

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