Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crazy Day...Again

Started another week at  the mattress gig today. I've taken the advice of one of my FB friends and just quit looking at  the calendar. It got off to a slow start so I wandered around the store taking pics to upload, this being one of them. I know it's going to take a while for peeps to realize we are now open seven days instead of four. Out of all the people who came in I feel like only one of them has no intention of coming back, the others I think I have a shot with. Buying a mattress is a major purchase especially if you get a really nice one and don't blame them for shopping around first.

Here's the kicker...
I was in  the store today ringing up a customer while they loaded their mattress onto their truck when a woman from last week came in. She came in last Tuesday and picked out a mattress, king size bed, dresser and mirror, chest of drawers plus a night stand. I worked her up a quote and she said she would come back next week. When I saw her walk in today thought to myself "BINGO!"

I finished my transaction and asked how she was doing today? She smiled, said she was doing okay but needed ten dollars for gas money and  thought she'd stop by to see if her new friend Kelly might lend it to her? Are you kidding me? (I felt like saying that  but didn't)  Here's the even worse part. When she walked in a man was paying cash for a mattress and had to make change out of my pocket because we were short on ones in the cash box, so she saw me pull bills out of my back pocket.  Yes I had some cash in my pocket; the tips I made last night which have to run us til Friday but simply couldn't turn this woman down. I split the difference and told her I had six dollars I could give her and did.

She smiled and hugged me telling me she would be back Friday to repay me. I told I didn't work there on Friday so she said she'd be back Saturday. Told I didn't work Saturday either but would be there again on Tuesday. She said she would be back then and still wanted that furniture!

After I closed the store I drove across the street to my restaurant job to pick up my pay check. It was only twenty seven dollars and  still owed Barb twenty  from the money she loaned me last week. Heck, at least I still got seven after paying her. I told her about the random woman asking for money  and she looked at me and said "Let me guess, you gave her some money."

Here's the  thing. It's not like six bucks will straighten out our financial situation but maybe it helped this woman's immediate situation. I choose to believe she was in desperate need and my meager contribution helped.

On the other hand, if she DOES come back and buy the $1800.00 worth of furniture and bedding from me, I'll let the six bucks slide. If I never see her again, at least I helped someone out.

On a completely different note, while sitting at  work during a  lull noticed on my FB page that a young girl who went to high school with Massey died after a tough  year long battle with brain cancer.
My worst nightmare is losing one of my kids. To lose one at  the tender age of sixteen almost seems like a crime. This brave young girl fought a year long battle and I choose to think of her not losing her battle today  but earning her just reward. As I  type, she is whole again and cancer free. She isn't in pain and suffers no more. She is an angel now and a lesson to us all. Life has no guarantee or warranty. Life is the instant you draw a breath, being able to exhale is a blessing.

My heart breaks for her family who are the one's who have to live with the grief of losing her.

Their hurt will never go away. They will feel it painfully and sharply for months and months and months if not years. They  will think and dwell on it day after day after day. They will NEVER get over the loss, but just one day somehow learn to live with it.

This girl is gone from their life forever and nothing can change that. I pray they concentrate on the fact that their daughter has changed many lives, struck a chord and made us all aware of how precious the gift of life is. I feel like writing them and saying "Thank you  for the gift of your daughter, she not only inspired us, she brought us together."

Now that's a pretty  great gift! Oh Madeline, you've touched  thousands and thousands, you  truly ARE an angel and  we all thank you for your gift...what an awesome way to be remembered!

Til next  time, COTTON

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Enie Dub said...

That's a nice way of seeing that young girls death as her reward for her suffering,

Very good of you to give 6 dollars to the person who was stuck for it. Hopefully you see her again.