Sunday, September 1, 2013

Yep, It's LABOR Day Weekend

What a weekend so far. I went into work this morning at eleven for a brunch shift and clocked out around six tonight. I'm not complaining, I mean it in a good way. Came home changed clothes, went to the front of the subdivision and finished the weed eating. Came back home changed clothes again and took Massey to get  a rain jacket. She walks to class every day at Georgia State and the last one I bought her was in elementary school. Swung by Kroger for my daily visit and came home and cooked dinner, if  you  call frying hot dogs in a pan dinner. At least we had chips too.

Between loading mattresses, slinging plates and running a weed eater, this little body is just about worn out. It beats the alternative though, sitting at  home with nothing to do or no job.

Massey leaves tomorrow to go back to school but between yard work and real work got to spend some nice quality time together. She is loving university life and I am loving HER loving university life. Working at  the restaurant again tomorrow and praying for rain. Cancelled cookouts mean going out to eat instead.

Took Ziggy on a walk a few minutes ago. I walked into  two different spider webs and they freaked me out. I hate that the spider on me?  Ziggy didn't answer me but at least he  took a dump.

Tim and Massey  got all the laundry caught up this weekend, all the yards are cut and I'm tumbling into bed after eating one more hot dog.

Tuesday I start my second week at the mattress store. Last Thursday was hotter than blue blazes in there and pretty slow...  first  time they had been open on a Thursday. At  the furniture store I had all kind of recliners, sofas and loveseats  to choose from  to sit and read when business was slow.  Now I have a desk chair and a room full of  beds. I helped load up a queen size mattress and two box springs out the door and came back into  the sauna.  My back was killing me so marched my little self over to a thousand dollar memory  foam mattress by  the open front door, put a box fan on the dresser beside the bed and opened my book. It felt wonderful and  highly recommend the "Opulence" memory  foam king size mattress. It felt so wonderful  and I was so stinking tired. My last day off had been when we moved Massey into her fifth floor dorm room on a hot sweltering Atlanta day, so it wasn't  really even a day off. Closed my eyes and promised myself I would just rest my eyes for one minute. I jolted awake when I heard a man cough. He was just walking past me when patting on  the bed next  to me  said "Try this one out, it's awesome!"

Note to self: Never lay down on the Opulence mattress again with a book.

He ended up spending thirty minutes in the store with me and even worked him up a quote for a queen size mattress and box springs.

Crisis diverted and lesson learned.

I went in the back room and found  small pillow to put under my butt while I sat upright in my office chair.

I have the best of both worlds. I love working at  the restaurant and the peeps I work for. I love having three days of down time and utilizing my selling skills in a different way. It's made my life much more bearable  and feel much more rested.

So if you  ever want the best food south of Atlanta or a good deal on a mattress or bedroom suit, come see me...I promise not to be snoozing!

Til next  time...COTTON

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