Friday, September 20, 2013

What is it About a Full Moon?

I never believed in the whole "Full Moon" theory until I started waiting tables. In other words, I've been believing in it for thirty four years now. This was a big one, the Harvest Moon and the equinox is Saturday...double whammy!

My sweet bro in law came over with his truck today and we went to pick up the mattress from my customer yesterday at  the mattress store. A gentleman and his wife bought a new king set from me and needed to get rid of their other one that was five years old. Our mattress is going on eighteen and been bad for ten. I told the man I would take it and even give him a gift certificate for the restaurant. On the way to the man's house my bro in law said "What if the mattress looks crappy?" I told him our mattress looked so crappy that even if this guy's was old it would be new to me and thirteen years newer.

We got there and I was highly relieved. The mattress was spotless, looked like new and so did the box springs. They had kept the mattress in a mattress cover and it looked brand new.

Now that I am a mattress aficionado (not really but am learning) and saw that it was a Simmons Beauty Rest king size pillow top I knew we hit the jack pot. They retail with box springs for almost three grand.

We loaded up  the mattress and box springs, drove them home and dumped them in my garage.

I told the man I would drop off a gift certificate for the restaurant and leave it in his mailbox. I'll work  that one out later.

I got ready for work two hours early and decided to try and find the BBQ place again from last week.
It seemed a lot closer this time since I knew where I was going. Zach checked my radiator for me before I left and Tim had added two quarts of oil. CHECK!

When I reached the point where I turned around last week it took me less than a minute to reach  the BBQ place. (yes I'm a dummy) The wife was behind the counter and recognized me immediately. The sandwiches were only three bucks a piece so I  got five. One for me, Len, Barb, a server who did me a favor last week and one to take home for Zach.

I got to work ten minutes early with a big bag of goodies! It was slow. The fair opened this weekend. You know, the small town kind. I'm not sure what's scarier, the people operating the rides or the fact   they were most probably the people who put the ride together. I got lucky and my few peeps loved me!

I told Barb about my mattress adventure and asked her if she would let me have a discount on a gift certificate. I was smart and did this as she was eating the BBQ sandwich I had bought her. Of course she did.

I came home from work hoping to find the mattress and box springs gone out of the garage and up in my bedroom. No such luck. I came home to an empty house with three dogs. I called Tim and asked where he was? He said he had just got finished working with another guy and was on the way home so I couldn't blame him.

Tim had been on the fence about the whole mattress thing until he came home and saw what a great mattress it was. He immediately went upstairs to the third floor and took our old bed apart. He marched down the box springs one by  one. He dragged the old mattress into  the living room on the second floor and went into the garage to bring up the new box springs.

I really didn't want to help but Zach wasn't home.  I let Tim do it alone until he was wraslin the huge king size mattress into the house.  I was thinking along the lines of "I helped the old dude load up his new king size matt and boxes yesterday, swung the deal for us to get  this new one, picked them up  today, bought the guy a gift certificate so pretty much I've done my part."

Tim seemed okay with that line of thinking and really didn't ask for help until he shoved the huge mattress through the kitchen door from the garage. I helped him get it up  to  the third floor, then  announced  I had broken three nails and had just painted them yesterday. I'm not girly about a lot of things but like my nails to look nice.

Our old mattress didn't really bother me that much but then again I don't even weigh a hundred pounds. Tim weighs over two hundred and that makes quite a difference. Actually it makes such a difference that I have never seen Tim so determined. He pushed, he pulled, he tugged and once he got it to the third floor I helped again.

Dang! The mattress sits over  twice as high as our old  sagging almost twenty year old one and feels like heaven on box springs! Charlie couldn't even jump up onto our last one without a step stool and will never see the top of this one unless we install a doggy ladder. Ham might be able to once he blindly jumps into the side of our new one a few times. Ziggy leaps up onto it like it's nothing, I swear he's a black kangaroo.
To give you  a gauge to  go by, my night stands are two feet high. I was worried  about brokering this deal but once I saw the shape and condition of the set  was thrilled. Thirty bucks for a king size Simmons Beauty Rest Pillow Top mattress , box springs included? Yep  I got a deal!

Going to see my Diddy's cousin, Franny in the morning. She's refusing to die, not getting worse so the hospice shipped her back to their nursing home. A nursing home isn't the bomb dot com place to be but beats the heck out of being in hospice aka the prelude  to your funeral.

I'm starting to feel upbeat again. Tim has a lead on a full time job, Massey is loving college life. Zach's doing great, TJ is amazing me living halfway  around the world and if  things all work out before you know it I will have a day off. Climbing up into that big ole fluffy  bed will help too.

Til next  time...COTTON

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