Saturday, September 14, 2013

Still a Night Owl...But a Wise One

Had to close at  work tonight, didn't get off til  after eleven and made my daily run to the grocery store on the way home. I've been finding a lot of great looking recipes on Facebook lately and have expanded my dinner options. Today I made a yummy pasta shrimp salad for lunch before I went into work and made a pot of Turnip Green soup when I got home tonight for tomorrow.
 The shrimp salad was good but next  time will add a few of my own ingredients to it. I think sun dried tomatoes would be a good addition or roasted red peppers.

 It was pretty slow tonight at work...stupid college football games killed us but I hung in there til the end and walked out with a decent paycheck. I was hanging out at  the bar with the owner and the bartender waiting on my last table to leave. I was telling them about visiting Frances yesterday in the hospice and thought about something that made me chuckle and told my boss and the bartender about it.

Yesterday when my sister and I went to pick  up  the dry erase boards for Frances, we stopped at a drive in a friend of mine from high school told me about. They have awesome burgers and hot dogs. Griffin is a little country town about twenty five minutes away from where I live. It's biggest claim to fame is that Atlanta Motor Speedway is right up the road but it's still small town America.

Cindy had never eaten there so I suggested we go. Every person besides us who came in they all knew by name. Cindy asked what she should order and I suggested a slaw dog but told her the burgers were good too. We decided to each get a burger, share a slaw dog and get one order of fries and one order of rings. Number one we sounded like idiots when we ordered,  we had the entire "What should we order" talk right in front of the woman taking our order. She was a really friendly black woman...we liked her immediately. When we stepped up  to the counter my sister asked how she was doing and the woman replied "I'm doing marvelous, and yourself?"

She wasn't  "Okay" or "I'm alright" she was "I'm doing marvelous." We bungled our way through the ordering process wearing her out but she smiled through the entire order and we went to find a place to sit. Being a server I didn't want to take up a big table for the two of us but ALL the tables were big so we settled on one way off to the side. We sat across from each other and chatted while they cooked our food. When the food came out my sister said if we were sharing we should sit by each other so I moved around to her side of the table.  We were sitting there in small town America when I looked over at my sister, who's hair is just as short as mine and said I bet they are all commenting to each other "Look at those two old lesbians having them some lunch." That's all it took...I grabbed the ball and ran with Cindy close behind me.

She was out of tea and since I was on the outside of the table in the now getting crowded diner told her I would get it. She said she would get it but I said "I'll get it for you, baby, I'll be right back" Not to be one upped, when I returned, put her tea on the table and sat back down , she turned to me...gave me a kiss on the lips  and said "Thanks sweetie."

Okay, so we're bad...real bad.

Let me state here and now if you are reading my blog for the first time; my sister and I are of the same mind set. We have many gay friends, relatives and realize what a difficult plight they endure, but think it is totally ridiculous.  To bash gays is like bashing someone with's simply who you  are and how God made you and if He thought it was okay, who are we to challenge or question it?

So us two ole fake lesbians held hands as we walked out of the burger joint. What makes this really crazy is that I kiss my sister on  the lips all the time anyway. I hold her hand (even though when Zach  was little said "You look so young Aunt Cin, but your hands look really old") and I am not gay.

People need to get  off their high horse. People need to live and let live. People need to concentrate on the important stuff and besides all that... who someone else loves is none of your business.

Til next  time...COTTON

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