Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Steps

So I loaded up all my food and drinks, ice chest, book and headed into my second job today. I failed miserably last week and started having second thoughts about this job as I drove into work, running five minutes late because I had to put water in the car radiator before I left. I'm borrowing my sister's spare car which although even twenty five years old still runs great, just needs a little extra attention from time to time. I clocked in and opened up the store and sat down to eat my breakfast. I thought that I would be better at this job and was a little disappointed.

Not one hour later a woman came in with her grand daughter  and started looking around at  mattresses. You know me, I started asking where she lived and where she had grown up. Found out she went to the same high school my husband did and we compared notes about growing up in East Point. She said she was looking for a full sized mattress for her grand daughter and selected one. Then we sat down on a huge memory  foam mattress and chatted some more. She commented about how good it felt and I told her to kick back and lay on it. She loved it and decided to buy the king size mattress for herself as well. She needed box springs too  and I was more than happy to oblige. She wanted it all delivered today and paid for it all before leaving. Before noon I was on  the board with over $1600.00 in sales.

Then being the doubting Thomas that you should NEVER be I sat back down in my chair thinking I was done for the day.

Another guy came in and wanted a queen size bed. We had one he liked but asked if we had any sale going? I told him it was a pretty good price anyway but said I would let it go out the door for the marked price and we'd pay the sales tax. He said he didn't have a truck and couldn't afford delivery. No problem! I had the exact same bed in the back in boxes and they slid right between the seats of his SUV.

Now we're getting somewhere!

I thought to myself, NOW I'm done for  the day. One hour later the phone rang and noticed the number was my brother's. He just bought a house in Orlando and asked me if we had a queen size bed and dresser? Heck yeah! Then he added  a mattress and box springs.  He wanted it all delivered to his Atlanta office where they would ship it to him.

Granted it was my brother but was a really good deal. $299 for a queen size Cherry sleigh bed, $699 for the bed dresser and mirror.

I hauled everything to the back door of the store for pick up...no small task. The only thing I didn't move was the huge king size memory foam mattress, it weighs twice what I do.
Don't ask me how my delivery dude managed to get a king size mattress,  two box springs, full size mattress and box springs, queen mattress and box springs, dresser with mirror and a queen size sleigh bed into the back of a pick up truck but he did. These Latinos are some amazing workers!

In the mean time an Asian man came in to price full size mattresses. His wife and  children were coming here from Japan to join him. We only had two left and he needed two. I told him he needed to come back tomorrow before we sold  one of them, he promised he would. When he left I said "Konnichiwa." (Good afternoon in Japanese)  He smiled and I quickly said that was about all I knew not to get too excited when he bowed, said "Sayonara" and I perked back up and said "HEY I know that one too!"

That's  the way  you sell. You don't just sell the merchandise, you sell yourself. I've been doing it for a few weeks now and finally it is all starting to pay off.

I posted my numbers from today on the  computer when I ran my report at closing and not five minutes later the owner of the company called to congratulate me.

Yep, I was the big dog today. I know it was MY biggest day and def  caught the boss man's attention.

I truly think I may have some MoJo going on and beginning to reap rewards of  the seeds I've sown.

Going in again tomorrow and  giving it my best  shot. Wish me luck!

Til next  time...COTTON

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