Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Turn Up the Freakin Heat

So  maybe I am exaggerating but absolutely detest cold weather, that's why I live in the south. Woke up this morning to go to work. Put on my shorts and work shirt and headed out the store with zero minutes to spare. Got to work and about got blown away when I got out of the car. I had my driver's license renewed in July and felt embarrassed to put down I weighed less than a hundred pounds so I fibbed and said I weighed three digits.

It's always hot at  work and when I have to load mattresses or furniture am glad I'm in short pants.

Today not so much. We don't run the heat or air so it's a sweat shop in the summer and cold as an igloo in the winter. I propped my front doors open and set out my sign with balloons attached and  within thirty  minutes I was freezing. The wind was crazy.

When I got out of my car to go into work I actually felt like I was skittering across the parking lot. Thank goodness I had my lunch box, my seemingly twenty pound work satchel and they weighed me down as I blew towards the door.

I immediately called home and asked my son to find the sweater my brother had given me last Christmas and bring it to me. Just like a man he said, "I'll be there in a little while." And more like a man , he wasn't.

Crap, I weigh ninety five pounds and was stupid enough to wear shorts to work after I watched the news and knew it was going to be a blustery day.

Needless to say my sweater never arrived. Instead my husband came by  on his way to an interview for a job and dumped off my son's bomber jacket. This was at two o'clock. I felt like an iceberg by this point. I had perched myself on a nice foam mattress and closed the doors after my sign blew over out front.

I don't do cold. I tucked my hands under my legs and  finally covered myself with a cover we put over the ends of mattresses so peeps can put their feet up. I finally warmed up around three and as the sun moved over the store and began to shine on the front side of the building. The temp in the store built up to a much anticipated seventy four degrees.

It's like a catch  twenty two. I suffer from hot flashes but hate to be cold.

It's bad enough  I'm too skinny and too stupid  to wear long pants but being cold absolutely takes the cake.

Now on top of everything else I have to dig out some black pants to wear tomorrow, the forecast is for temps in the thirties.

I was born in late July and  that's the temp I like.

One more day of my mattress gig to go and then it's back to slinging plates. I just feel lucky to be making ends meet and that's a lot more than millions are doing.

Once again going to bed feeling blessed and knowing how I should be  dressed in the morning.

Got my sweater, which I wanted today all ready. Got my pants on the hanger by the bedroom door and my confidence ready as well.

I am the little engine that could...and I will.

Til next  time, curling up and sleeping tight..tomorrow will be alright.


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