Sunday, October 13, 2013

Still Truckin'

Woke up this morning stiff as a board, a reminder that this ole broad ain't getting any younger. My buddy, Mr. Weed Eater wore my right shoulder out Saturday not to mention putting him down yesterday afternoon only to pick up heavy trays and dishes a couple of hours later. I got my eight hours of sleep though and after convincing myself a person only needs to bathe every twenty four hours slept a bit longer. I showered before work on  Saturday afternoon so felt okay about waiting. I scrubbed my face, washed my hair, brushed my teeth and slapped on some make up. Clocked in right on time.

Brunch  started slow. No worries, I come in after the  two opening servers who get cut  as soon as business begins to slow down. I stay on until the four o'clock server comes in and reap the rewards. I work with  mostly young people and once it starts to get later in  the afternoon they all want to be cut and go along their merry, broke way. I hang around and hog all the tables. I'd LOVE to cut out early but don't live with my parents. I "AM" a parent.

My first table was an older couple I've seen and waited on in the restaurant many times . Another server, middle aged as well and could talk the ears off an African Elephant had seated them and came up to me asking if I had waited on  them before and began to tell me how to wait on them and how the man wanted a BIG cup of coffee as opposed to the smaller cups we have and to be sure to keep it filled constantly. I looked at him and said "Go away, this ain't my first rodeo."

Of course that just got me a thinking so went behind the bar and got a tiny porcelain cup we serve single espressos in along with the tiny saucer it sits on. I filled it with a thimble full of coffee and marched over to greet them, catching his wife's eye and winked before sitting the tiny cup in front of him. He looked perplexed but his wife starting laughing and didn't quit for at least fifteen minutes. I went back to the server alley and retrieved his BIG cup of coffee and sat it down in front of him. He looked up grinning  and said "The other server must have told you to do that" to which I replied "No sir, he's nowhere near as funny as I am." I promise you  his wife laughed and laughed and laughed. When they left they stopped by Barb who thanked them for coming in and the old codger said "That girl needs to respect me more." I immediately went and picked up their tab and they had left me ten bucks on  forty...and the wife was still laughing as they walked out the door. She turned and said to me as they left, "You just made my day!"

My  next  table requested me.  Three people and left me twenty bucks on a forty dollar tab. In the words of Alicia Keys, "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!"

Another single woman came in who I didn't wait on but knew from coming in every Sunday. She always brings a book to  read. I told her a couple of months ago about the Game of Thrones series and low and behold she sat there today when I walked up  to speak to her and held up her was "Game of Thrones." I immediately sat down across from her and gave her all  the skinny. "Be sure to use the appendix where all  the houses are listed, they seem confusing at first and I like the maps in the front of the book to see what  kingdom they are talking about." I told her when she finished a couple of the books I had the DVD's of  the first season  on HBO some dear friends had given me for my birthday  and would love  to loan them to her.

Yep, I'm a talker too!

A six top walked in  around three and the other server asked if it was my turn for a table? That always means "I don't want them, do  you?"

Family of six, celebrating grandma's birthday. Naturally I used my PHD in BS to its full advantage. Granny said she'd just have water but encouraged her to join her son and daughter in law with a glass of wine. Her son asked to change his order but I shook my head and said "Sorry,  I'm writing in pen." I made sure it all went perfectly.  They didn't want dessert but I brought out a cannoli for Granny with  a candle in it. I sat it down in front of her  and asked how it felt to finally be forty? Her son paid, handed me back the credit card slip and said "I just want you  to know it has been years since I've had a server who earned a twenty five percent tip."

I walked out of the door of work right before five. I was once again exhausted but sold five hundred dollars worth of food and walked out with  a hundred and twenty bucks in my pocket, after tipping out.

I got in (my sister's) car and cranked it up. A Great Clips ad came on the radio saying they had a $7.99 sale going on and drove straight over. Got my "Hurr" did for less than eight bucks, left her an almost  hundred percent tip and walked out spending only fifteen bucks.

I should have stopped on by  the grocery store then but knew Tim was home and could give me a much needed back rub. I loved on all my pups, got a back rub,  read for fifteen minutes and then went to Kroger. Finally did it like my own momma did and bought a week's worth of groceries.

I came home and Tim unloaded the groceries. I had all kinds of food in the house now but had no intention of cooking any of it. I did think of them and also bought frozen pizza , Chef Boyardee ravioli and cans of tomato soup.

So  what do I do? I sit down and blog about my day.

At least momma's happy.

I don't have to work until Monday afternoon so it's kind of like a day off.

You have to roll with the punches,  you have to use your talents wisely and be a stand up person.  Live life that way and you'll be okay.

Til next  time...COTTON

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