Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We're Ready For Halloween!

Guess I'd better go buy some candy tomorrow, not so much  for the trick or treaters but just because it's Halloween and I have an excuse. A lot of people in our subdivision have lived here since we have so all our kids pretty much grew up together and are now all grown.

I've got my Peter Pan costume ready for work tomorrow and yesterday Zach told me he was going to a party and wanted to know if I would sew him one too. We went to Michael's and he got the felt so I took it to work with me today and whipped him one up, hat and all. I'll have to admit, my momma done good when she taught me to sew.

While Massey was still in high school she came home and told me she wanted to be a Panda for the trunk or treat at  the problem!
I just stitched it by hand but turned out pretty good.
So now Massey's away at  school and Zach's costume is made, mine too.

I didn't want my pups to be left out since they are my kids too. Ham's was pretty easy...

 Charlie decided to go as himself, since he thinks he's all that and a bag of chips...
Ziggy is going as an Alien, that boy's eyes are as wide apart as ET.
I'll just paint his first front toe nail red and teach him to hold it up when he barks for candy.

Sometimes I just like to make myself laugh.

I do miss when my kids were little and got all excited about their costumes. I stopped by  Party City tonight after work and picked Zach up a plastic knife for his belt on his Peter Pan costume. There was a little boy about four or five in front of me in line with his dad. The dad was looking at his phone when the little boy turned around to me and said "Hey!" I said hello back. He pointed to the bag his dad was holding,  a Superman costume and said "That's mine, I'm gonna be Superman."

Dang I miss my kids being little...until I remember all  the times they waited until the night before a project was due to tell me about it, and was always something that wasn't easy  to throw together.

I remember  many a Christmas Eve when I didn't get off from working  at a restaurant til late and came home ready to put out all Santa's presents only to find the kids still up.  I'd feel  their head and say "You  feel a little warm to me, we don't want you  to be sick when Santa comes" and give them  a dose of Benadryl.

Raising kids is wonderful. It's hard work but satisfying when they all grow up and become amazing young adults who are a positive addition to society. You  couldn't ask for more.

I have so many terrific memories about all three of my kids, my sister's kids and kids who grew up with them.

Not too many of you will remember this show, but I do...Heck, I lived it.  The  title of the show was spot on... "Kids say the Darndest Things."

I got three kids. They have aged me but have more importantly kept  me young at heart.

Hoping everyone has a Happy Halloween.

BOO YAH!!!!!!!

Til next time...COTTON

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