Sunday, November 3, 2013


Talk about a perfect fall weekend. Massey came home for a much anticipated visit. She was asleep by the time I got home  from work Friday night but headed out together Saturday morning for a way overdo momma/daughter day. We started off by going to the Christmas Marketplace at  my sister's church. I bought a huge bottle of local honey. Honey has so many great uses. It helps your respiratory system and is a natural healing miracle. It works great on burns or wounds , not to mention using it in cooking or a cup of tea. Massey found a retro suitcase she simply HAD to have and since it was one dollar she got it! I found a nice leather shoulder bag big enough  to carry all my work junk in for five bucks and we called our visit a success. We took the back roads through the country heading  home and decided to stop for lunch at a country diner. Only bad decision of the day.

It's a home cooking buffet so we stopped in for a bite to eat. The fried chicken was pretty tasty and creamed potatoes were yummy. I was  about halfway  through my chicken  breast when I discovered about a four inch hair. I'm a waitress and know that sometimes these  things happen so I didn't mention it to Massey but knew with certainty it wasn't mine since my hair is about an inch long. When I turned the breast over to pluck some meat off  the back side I found another hair and Massey noticed it too. She put her fork down and simply said "Please don't eat that, let's get out of here" so we did. Massey gets grossed out pretty easily whereas I don't, but two hairs is even a bit much for me. We didn't say anything to anyone but mentally scratched this place off our list of places to go.

We drove into downtown Senoia, a beautiful quaint little town where they film "The Walking Dead" TV series. We window shopped and and spent some great quality time together. It was a spectacular autumn afternoon made even more so because I was with my little girl.

We headed back to Newnan and suggested going by my favorite boutique, Ross...or as we call it "Ross Mess for Less." You have to hunt and peck and scrutinize every selection for missing buttons, rips or broken zippers but you  can find some really good deals. I found a fifty dollar cable knit turtle neck sweater for $12.99 and Massey found a precious colorful heavy wrap around sweater that retailed for sixty but was $16.00. Ross is a great store, a little messy but can find some really good deals if  you look long enough.

Then we drove across the street to battle the idiots at Wal Mart.  I know you save money there but sometimes (usually always) the people can drive you insane. We got Massey some things she needed for school and got her some snacks and toiletries for her dorm room.

I was mentally adding all this up in my tiny empty head knowing we couldn't really afford it but you only live once and money is over rated unless you can use it to make someone happy. I'm current (in my book) on most all my bills and just wanted to spoil my girl a bit and it's not like I took her to Neiman Marcus and Whole Foods.

We had to head home because I was on  call for the night shift at  work. My last day off was the day we moved her into her dorm room. I'm not complaining, it's been of my own choosing but an entire day off sure sounded nice to me and I called work with my fingers crossed. BINGO! They didn't need me and immediately felt even better.

Zach got  home from work early and  we enjoyed a  family night together. We all sat around together and talked. We  watched music videos on YouTube and tried to one up each other on which song was better. We had a blast watching everything from Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music to Little Feat to Jimi Hendrix to Don McClean to Old Crow Medicine Show's "Wagon Wheel." We  even watched an old video of  Steve Winwood's "Low Spark of High heeled Girls."

If we just could have  caught TJ online and sykped with him in Australia it would have truly been picture perfect.

On top of it all, the time change  even gave me an extra hour of sleep! I had to  work at  eleven on Sunday and the family came in for brunch before Zach  headed to work. Zach even sprung  for  the tab!

It was an excellent weekend. It was a fabulous weekend.

I got off around four and  came home to drive Massey  back to school. The drive into downtown ATL is never dull. Those guys on crotch  rockets are insane. I bet a guy passed me doing 120 mph weaving in and out of lanes like he was in a Frogger video game. Holy crap, what  are  they thinking? If  they crash and hit the pavement at well over a hundred mph do they think they will survive with just a helmet? Not to mention they scare the crap out of you when they scream up beside you seemingly out of nowhere and pull in front of you with  two feet to spare.

Massey had  three loads to carry up and it  costs  eight bucks to park so I sent her up with the first load and told her to  find  a friend to come back and help with  the rest. I hate not going up but it's ridiculously high to park in the ATL. She came back down a few minutes later with her buddy, Chris and  they  took up the rest.

I climbed out of the car and hugged my girl tight before I left. I told both (Chris is a great guy) I loved them and felt better about leaving with him walking her back in. A momma always worries.

With  the time change I made it back to the airport by  sunset and  home by dark.

Massey's doing great at  the university. So far all A's and B's. I knew when we took this tremendous step to send her she would make us proud and has stepped up to the plate.

It was a fantastic weekend  and well worth working almost three months straight for. If you're gonna have a day off, wait til it counts for something and  this one counted for a lot!

I've had many ups and downs with raising my kids and lucky for me there have been mostly  ups! They have all worried me to death at some point but have all made me proud at other ones.

One more week of the seven day work week and I'm going back to a normal one, if you can call anything about me normal!

I like being a weirdo, it makes me stand out.

Til next  time,

One happy COTTON

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