Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Well that was just NUTS

What a day at work, from beginning to end. It started out normal enough but quickly became almost laughable. I had a few things to do right off the bat, emails and returning customer calls. Like an idiot I didn't eat breakfast and was starving by eleven. I had brought two small frozen pizzas with me on ice in a cooler to nuke for dinner and didn't want to eat them for lunch, knowing I would be ravenous by the time I got off at eight PM. I found a coupon in  drawer for Chinese food and wondered whether to use it. What the hey, I was hungry and could take the leftovers home for Tim to eat tonight so I ordered. With tax and delivery it was only twelve bucks and we'd get two meals out of it so called in my order.

Number one I work in a restaurant so this ain't my first rodeo. When ordering  specifically told Hop Sing I was at work with no utensils so be sure to send me some and please don't forget lots of soy sauce.  "No problem!" was his cheery reply. The guy seemed really nice but after he told me my total I went ahead and reminded him one more time that I needed a fork,  AND a spoon for my soup AND don't forget  that yummy soy sauce!

I was all excited...with my coupon I was getting a salad, soup, chicken and shrimp with vegetables and steamed rice. Thirty minutes later a young girl came in the store wearing a server uniform, name tag and apron, toting a huge paper sack containing my treats! Guess if your section isn't full in that restaurant you  get to deliver take out. They had already tagged on a delivery charge but I gave her a couple of extra bucks. She was young (everyone is compared to me) and friendly, told me it was all there and hoped I enjoyed  it. The bag was stapled shut so I sat it on the counter and ripped the bag open ready to devour some food. First styrofoam container had my salad in it. I was a little disappointed, it was nothing but lettuce but at least they gave me two small cups of  that yummy ginger dressing. I sat it to the side and got out my soup. I know it's just broth with spring onions and paper thin sliced mushrooms but I like it! My chicken and shrimp with rice was still in the bag but wanted to eat my soup and salad first. I couldn't find the utensils or soy sauce so figured they must have gone into  the bag first and took out the plastic dish with my entree.  All that  was under it was a piece of cardboard. I was ROYALLY ticked...and starving. Naturally the young girl who delivered it  was long gone. They could have at least sent me chop sticks.

I called the restaurant back and Hop Sing answered. It  told him they had delivered my food with no napkins, utensils or my yummy soy sauce. He asked if I was sure? I said yes, unless there was some secret compartment underneath the card board bottom and quickly checked just to make sure.

There was no secret compartment.

He apologized and said as soon as she got back he would send me some. She got back twenty minutes later while I stared at  the food wondering if I should just eat it with my hands, I was starving. I almost asked for my two bucks back but since I'm a server, bit my tongue. She handed me a small packet and apologized saying they had told her everything was in  the bag.

So now I had to nuke my soup but by  this point could have eaten it cold. My lots of yummy soy sauce turned out to be one tiny pack but at least I had something to eat with.

Note to self: Never order from this place again. I ate the lettuce and the soup and a portion of the chicken and shrimp doused with my 1/2 ounce of yummy soy sauce. I thought about chewing on the card board in the bottom of the bag but didn't have any soy sauce left to dip it in.

The day got worse as the day went on. They dock me thirty minutes for lunch so I always climb on my favorite thirteen hundred dollar mattress and read for thirty minutes when no one is in the store.

Enter crazy lady.

She walked in with her bag from the Dollar Tree next door in her hand and climbed on the mattress beside me as I went to get up.  She said "I like this one, how much is it?" I told her with box springs it was $1299. She said "I'll take it."

I got kinda pumped but thought it was kinda weird. She said she needed pillows too and wanted to know how much our foam pillows were? I told her and she said she wanted two. I went to work her up a quote while she wandered to the back of the store. She hollered at me to add on the chest of drawers and dresser  she was standing by, and to throw in a mattress protector.

You  shouldn't prejudge people so I didn't, thinking  maybe I just got lucky and some eccentric woman with money to burn hated shopping around and wanted what she wanted.

When I asked her how she wanted to pay she pointed to the "No credit check" financing sign.

That's okay too, I'm down with that.

She pulled out her drivers license and asked what else I needed? I told her she needed her latest pay  stub  and a thirty day detailed bank statement.

(Crazy Lady): "Well I clean houses for a living." That didn't bother me, plenty of people do that, it's good money and actually wish  they would come clean mine. I told her if she was self employed she would need three months worth of bank statements.

Then she said without batting an eye, I just opened an account two weeks ago at that bank they have in Wal Mart. I  asked if she had a previous account somewhere to which she replied, No.

This wasn't going well at all.

Then she said out of the blue, "Well I'll go by  there and see if they can give me a sixty day statement." She had said two minutes earlier the account was opened two weeks ago and my head started to throb. I didn't even bother to remind her I'd said she needed a ninety day bank statement.

Then  she said "Guess how old I am?" I almost said "Old  enough to know better?"

In my defense, there HAVE had people just walk in and point out something and pay for it off the bat so you  always need to  take customers seriously but by this point knew I was just letting a woman window shop and dream.

I did the right thing though, worked her up a quote and told her to bring back all the required documents.

Maybe I'll see her again and maybe I won't.

Then I had a couple of people come in who were serious about buying, worked  them up quotes too, gave them my card and told them to come back to see me. I didn't tell them tomorrow was my last day. I'm a team player and still want to help the company.

Enter crazy man.

Yes he was nice. No he wasn't ready to purchase, and yes will probably come back to purchase but the guy could talk the ears off an African Elephant.  I can now tell you all about his parents, his lineage and how his dad wanted to marry  a Korean gal when he fought in the war but never did.  His dad died but his mom still has the letters he wrote his Korean girlfriend. He used  to work out but he just let himself go about ten years ago. His son is super smart and will probably get a scholarship, at least  they are hoping so. He went on and on and on. He told me about how he wanted to travel one day, maybe to explore his roots, his family was originally from Ireland. After one hour I moved from behind my desk and started to walk to the back to get another cup of ice out of my little ice chest to add  to my now Luke warm water...he followed me back.

Finally my son, Zach walked into  the store as the man's cell phone rang and God smiled on me when he said he needed to take the call but would come back to see me.

So tomorrow is my last day. I've met a lot of people and made a few new friends. I may not be the best sales person but I am a good sales person. I am headed back to being a server full time but  told the boss if he opens another furniture store in Newnan I would love to give it another shot.

It was just a crazy day.

So tomorrow is my last day. I'm sad in a way. It's been nice taking a break from  the grueling life of  being a server day after day after day.

Hope I go in tomorrow and have my biggest day yet. That would be a good way to go out and a good way to hold my spot when they open another furniture store here.

Tim just got home and is heating up the Chinese leftovers. Hope he doesn't want any yummy soy sauce.

Til next  time...COTTON

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