Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting Back to Normal (or as close as I get)

So I was off today until four PM so decided to sleep in. My son came into  the bedroom at ten thirty carrying my cell telling me it was work calling. My first comment was "Why'd you answer?" He said he thought it may have been important.

When you work for a restaurant and aren't scheduled to be  there, there's usually only one reason they are calling. They need you  to work.

I answered the phone and found out I was right.  A server who is a single mom had to pick up her kid from school with a stomach virus and  they wanted to know if I wanted to come in? Hmmm, that would be a "No" but really like this single mom so  said I would jump in the shower and head on in.

Tim ironed a shirt for me while I took a shower and twenty  minutes later I was ready to walk out the door when the restaurant  called back and said it was slow, not to worry  about coming in.

Well, crap. I put on make up for nothing. I decided to go on in just to make sure no large parties had walked in.  They were fine without me but told them I would run a few errands close by and if they needed me in  the next hour or so to just call me on my cell.

I decided to go to the Unemployment office to file from my mattress gig dismissal. I thought I remembered where it was but have only had to go there one time in my fifty three years, when I got fired from the "Western Sizzler." (I still refuse to use their real name)

I walked into a crowded room with two full lines. All I saw were signs for food stamps and the WIC program but when you get into a long line in a government office you never give up your spot so I remained in line.

After thirty minutes I got my chance  to talk to the lady behind the secret glass partition and showed her my separation notice. She dully said "Building behind this one." (so much for customer service with  a smile)

I went to the building behind the building and had to try three doors before I found one that would open. I was standing in a foyer with another woman who said "What do we do now?" so we started knocking on doors. A lady finally opened one and the other woman who was with me in the lobby said she was just there to drop off a letter and left. I once again showed my separation notice and this woman told me I was in the wrong place.


I got back into my car and headed over to the Dept. of Labor. Woo-Hoo, I was second in line! Once she told me where the Department of Labor was, it all came back to me. I had been at  the office where I had had to apply for food stamps four years ago, when Western Sizzler fired me and Tim was out of work too. I had been so humiliated and upset at  the time they even took me into a back office where I could cry in private to a case worker.

I handed her my notice of separation and she asked me a few questions and if I wanted to file snail mail or online? I chose online and she pointed to a computer.

Two hours later I walked out and wondered how much longer snail mail could have taken? I had a major hot flash while trying to complete the form and was drenched in sweat. When I finally finished, and had answered the question "Do  you own or work on a farm?" three times was soaked, literally. When I walked back up to the counter fanning myself with my confirmation number, I told the woman behind the desk, "Crap, THAT FELT like a job!"

I should get extra money for not spontaneously bursting into flames in a government office.

It won't be much but will certainly help. I've been working and paying into  the system since I was fourteen and have only claimed once these  days and times, I call that a win!

Went into work at four, chugged four cups of coffee and waited on the tipping gods.

Didn't happen. It was  slow but in the end pulled out a twenty five dollar tip on an eighty dollar tab.

So I got registered for unemployment after sweating off at least five pounds and made enough money to eek us through  til I work again on Wednesday.

Tim makes the big call tomorrow about his job offer so will go to bed with fingers crossed and covers as light as possible.

This weather in the south is making me goofy. Cold one day, hot the next.

Waiting on possibly  the best news we have had in four years.

Til next  time...Hottin Cotton.

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