Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting Ready to Get my Tryptophan On!

So Massey blew back into our lives last night like a typhoon. She's been gone since August, came back twice for short overnight stays but  arrived last night for a ten day stay.

We're all going to Orlando for Thanksgiving at my brother's new digs. He bought a lake house and bought a boat and for some crazy reason invited us all down for Thanksgiving. My sister and I are pumped! My  bro is an amazing carbon copy of our Diddy, except that he smokes an occasional cigar and likes an  occasional  cocktail. He's OUR kind of guy!

My brother is smart, not married has  no kids and a terrific job. Dang, why didn't I think of that route in life?

At least he did and loves his sistas!

We are leaving here after work on Tuesday. Massey, me and my sister.  Now THAT'S a road trip! We'll pull into Orlando late and wake up early to get my brother's credit card. We'll do all the shopping and bring home the groceries. Since we don't have to worry  about getting the house clean will just dive into the cooking. My brother is smoking a turkey so  that's one more item crossed off our list.

My wonderful boss, has given me the go ahead for taking Wednesday through Saturday  off.

I had originally asked for  Wednesday and Friday off but if my brother can stand us all weekend, I say "Hell to the Yeah."

Some of the fam can't go down  til  Thanksgiving Day, but that's a good day to fly and most all have  free flight privileges. We'll buy my hubby a buddy (don't that sound cute) pass and they will all be there by  dark thirty.

It's not like we're in a rush. We're staying the weekend.

One or two can't make it. Zach's working two jobs and my nephew's fiancee works in retail and thanks to the retarded (no offense intended) idea of Black Friday might have to stay home.

That's all the more reason to have ANOTHER Thanksgiving feast when we all get back!

I'm pretty pumped. Driving down to a new house (on the lake) which is clean and just waiting for the cooks to arrive.

I have a small immediate  family now. It's just me , my sister and brother. They are  the world to me and have had my back from the time our parents died. Our Momma died in under one minute when I was just seventeen. Our Diddy died in 2002 within the span of tens days, going from healthy as an ox to a man taken off life support, per his instructions.

Yep, I got me a crazy family and am the MAIN crazy. I like my title, it fits me.

Got my little girl back home, and amazed how bossy she's gotten. Heck, she might turn out okay after all.

Can't wait to tell you all about our trip!

"Sit right back and you'll hear a tale. A tale of a fateful trip."

I just hope The Professor shows up, makes a radio out of a coconut and contacts my work to tell them I need  two more days off!

Look for my S.O.S!

Til next  time, an excited  COTTON.


Maliha Sazin said...

I liked your blog. Great job to attract the visitors. Lots of thank from my side.

kelly cotton said...

Thanks! I'm starting another one tonight about our trip...stay tuned, it's a whopper of a tale.