Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's a Small World

Finished my week as a server last night. It wasn't real busy but had a birthday party of ten and thankfully they took care of me. I'm always apprehensive about adding a suggested gratuity. We're allowed to but feel bad suggesting how much  someone should leave me. If I go out and they add a suggested 18%, that's all they get. I don't like people telling me what to do with MY money, however if they leave it blank and have given me great service I always tip over 20%. So I just gave the best service I could and rolled the dice. I've gotten burned doing that before but not often. The dad paid, it was his son's birthday, who looked to be around thirty years old. He left me 20% and I was grateful.

Woke up this morning as the mattress maven (that's what my sister calls me) and headed to my other job. Last week was dismal but the day started off pretty good. Lots of people seeming genuinely interested came in and before noon I had sold a mattress and box spring to a young couple who had just moved to town. I had another woman from last week come back in and feel confident she'll be back to purchase a king size set later this week.

Then a woman walked in to price some king size mattresses and we started chatting. She spent over a hour with me and I feel pretty good about her coming back. She grew up in the same town I did, albeit fifteen years later. We talked about her deadbeat ex husband and we talked about her losing a really good job a while back. She was really nice and we got along great. She talked about her kids and I talked about mine. I gave her my card and told her I would appreciate it if she came back one of the three days I was there and buy from me. I told her I had another job as a waitress (old school term) and if she wanted some good food come by  there as well. She asked me where I worked and I told her. Then she said, "I've heard of that place. Last night some friends of mine came by  my house after a birthday party there for their brother and said the food was fabulous." I asked her what their last name was and when she told me I knew it was my party from  last night. I always get out my glasses and see the name on the card so when I take it back can say, "Here Mr. So and So, this is your copy and this one is mine. I appreciate your coming in and hope everything was great."

I told my new Bestie that I had waited on them! We both got a laugh out of that and then at  the same time said "It's a small world."

I feel like I'm sowing seeds at  the mattress gig and know it takes time for them to take root but am beginning to reap some reward. Three of my customers  today were people I have seen before and gotten to somewhat know. One returning woman even gave me a hug when she left. Hugs don't pay  the bills but make you  feel like you are making a difference and that's a pretty  good feeling.

I'm established at  the restaurant and have lots of people who specifically ask for me.  Now I am beginning to establish regulars at  the mattress store as well.

I was pretty down last week after bombing out but started this week off feeling pretty  good about myself as a salesperson.

Going in again tomorrow and hope the good vibes keep flowing.

People like it when you  take time to learn and listen to  their story rather than try and shove a sale down their throat...at least I do.

Wish me luck!

Massey's coming home from the university next  weekend and bringing two buddies with her.  Zach's  doing good, working and helping me out around the house. TJ's visa in Australia will be up in January and he'll be back state side.

Massey called me at work this morning and asked if I had seen what Zach had written on his FB page? I said no and she read me a status he had posted that made my day:

"No girl I have ever met in my life has the ability to make me as happy as my mother and that's why I'm still single."

I must be doing something right! And shout out to Zach, never settle for something, wait for the RIGHT something!

I feel better about my life already... Til next  time, COTTON


Enie Dub said...

You are hard working lady! Truly admirable. I hope you will reap your just rewards.

kelly cotton said...

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Thanks for reading :)