Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mama Told Me There'd be Days Like This

So I've gotten into my groove with this seven day work week. Get a bath  before bed and you  can sleep fifteen more minutes in the morning. Put your makeup on at work, sleep eight more. Eat  breakfast at work, there's another ten minutes easy. It's not like people are lined up outside the door to stampede in wanting to be the first to  buy a mattress. I usually have at least twenty or thirty minutes before someone comes in. I go in, open  the store, check emails and inventory while I eat my breakfast and put on my face. It's not like I wear a lot of makeup but it sure helps.

So first off,  I am sitting at my desk eating my yogurt and dabbing on some mascara when a man comes rushing in the door like someone's chasing him. He started walking toward the back of the store so I put my mascara down , rolled my eyes ate my last spoonful of yogurt and followed him.

I asked if I could help him and he told me he'd  purchased a twin mattress and box spring set from us for his mother and the bed sat too high off the floor for her. He said the other guy had shown him some thinner boards in the back room which fit under twin mattresses.  The first thing that irritated me is he had bought the crappiest mattress in  the store for his MOTHER! I only suggest that mattress for kids bunk beds, day beds or RV's.

He just heads into  the stock room to see if we have one left, I guess the other guy had shown him one. I followed him back and we had one left.  On  the upside I made a sale right off the bat but it kinda got on my nerves he acted like it was a self serve gas station. It only cost fifty bucks but he had her sleeping on a hundred dollar mattress. I rang him up and he toted the board out with him.

I decided I looked good enough and put my makeup bag away.

Not a hour later  a lady walks in with  a young girl. She tells me her mother (here we go again) bought a bed frame from us a while back and she needs another one.  I hate to be judgmental but could tell  right off the bat the elevator didn't go all  the way to the top floor. She wanted a bed frame that didn't stick out for you  to run into it and hurt your leg on. I told her the bed frames hit about six inches from the foot of the bed and that shouldn't be a problem.  She wanted to know what they looked like and I told her to look around, every mattress in  the showroom was on one. Then she asked if we had ones on wheels.  I told her we did at  the other store but all ours had feet. She tilted her head back and puffed out a breath like I had just told her her dog (that she didn't like anyway) died. I asked why she needed wheels on the frame? She looked at me like "I" was crazy and asked how she was supposed to move the bed around?  I decided to play and asked back why she needed to move the queen size bed around? She said "Well you  gotta move it around when you  clean." Yep, she's a freak.

Now I'm no Suzy home maker, but have never MOVED a bed around to clean.  I stick a vacuum hose under it but unless I am moving the bed to another spot or room, it's pretty much gonna stay where it is. It's not like we eat dinner under our bed or  throw food under there. There's not even anything under my beds except  an occasional pup.

She went on and on about how she didn't want to hit her legs on  the frame and I explained again and again that our frames did NOT stick out from the end of the bed. She looked at me and had the nerve to ask "Are you sure?" OMG...shoot me in the head! I once again took her over to one of the twenty mattresses we had on the show room floor and showed her where the frame hit...six inches from  the end of the bed.

She sighed and said "I'll think about it" and thank the good Lord above, left.

I made me a bologna sandwich and read my book. I was tired, stupid people wear me out.

So after a couple of normal people came in to shop, a man walks in talking loudly on his, not blue tooth but full out head set. That got on my nerves at once. Yes I haven't had a day off since mid August and may be a little stressed but I won't even talk on my cell phone when at the cash register at a gas station, it's just rude.

You know me, I walked right up and loudly asked how I could help him? He gave me the hand so I walked away. He walked around the store for (I'm not kidding) thirty minutes talking loudly.  By the end of the thirty minutes I knew he was in the trucking industry and that he called his wife Boo. I knew that his daughter wanted to try out for track but try outs were tomorrow and she needed thirty bucks to try out. I learned that his other daughter (baby  girl) had gotten a bad hair cut and  was upset, he could just hear it in her voice. (his words not mine)

Then my own cell went off from behind the counter. It was a 'boing' so knew it was Massey, that's her ring tone on my cell. I answered and after  finding out she just wanted to chat told her quietly I was proving a point and would call her back.

Then as I approached him after he hung up with baby  girl once again asked if he had any questions? He started to ask about king size mattresses when his phone rang  again...I kid you not.

Now I learned that the dispatcher he uses isn't liked by  anyone else but he's okay with that as long as  the guy is straight up with him and lets him know what is going on. Then I learned that he had to drive out of town again tonight but would be back in Newnan tomorrow.

Then I finally realized he simply wanted to be out of his big rig and stretch his legs and my store looked like a good place to do it.

He did finally talk with me about mattresses for about two minutes when his head set went off again. I got the hand in the face again so I handed him my card and said to come see me when he had some time.

Had a lull after that and  was grateful for it. Called Massey back and text my sister at her thrift shop where she volunteers. I asked her if they had any pants for Zach, a skinny 29x30? She text back they only had fat man pants today and I text back "Tim don't need any."

She text back, "Must be slow there." I text  back that it was so slow I had just shaved my legs in the restroom. I hope she knew I was just being funny!

Here's the thing. Cell phones are great to have but you need to use decorum. Don't walk into a store where a salesperson is waiting to assist you  and talk on your phone for thirty minutes, it's just rude.

Yep it was slow today but you never know in sales, tomorrow could be the least I hope it will.

I've been going to bed earlier and earlier as I get older and older and that helps. Dealing with idiots just makes it harder but makes me grateful that at least I am a normal human being with a head on my shoulders that appears to work.
I'm moving forward and that is all that matters!

Today was a bust but who knows about tomorrow until it gets here? I'm looking forward to it, how about you?

Til next  time...COTTON

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