Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Am Pig Pen

I've been off for the last three days, which is highly unusual for me. Not having a car makes it difficult to pick up shifts because I not only have to pick up a shift but a ride to it as well. I had two nice days off with  Massey though and spent some much needed Momma/Daughter time with her before she leaves for college next  week. Today she decided we had had enough  time together and left around three with her college room mate to spend the night at her house. They are going shopping for cheap text books tomorrow, trying to get a peek inside their dorm and having lunch at  The Cheesecake Factory in Atlanta.

I was fine with that. Zach's helping a friend move, Tim's off hunting jobs and I have the house to myself.

I gave myself a much needed manicure. I even got all crazy and trimmed my cuticles. Then I decided to paint my toe nails too. I took  off my flip flops and was disgusted by  the dirt between my toes.

I'm not a clean freak, whether it be my house OR me. I normally work six days a week and shower six days a week. I clean house about every other week but keep it liveable in between and Tim  and the kids kick in to help every once in a while. I mainly concentrate on the kitchen and baths, the rest is window dressing  to me. When you have two kids still at  home and three dogs, keeping the house immaculate is pretty much impossible unless it is your full time job. I get my spurts and will  attack a  room with Mr. Clean (Febreze scent) windex and Murphy's oil soap. (my three favorite cleaning products) I am always amazed when I get through  how little time it actually takes and how wonderful the results can be.

I basically haven't left the house since bumming a ride home from work Monday night. I get up in the morning, brush my teeth, run a washcloth over my face and call myself clean (enough). I like to think of myself as being very European. When we used to go to Florida every summer for vacation with my family, as long as we had the ocean and a pool to swim in I was good for the week. I might shower once if we went out to eat.

Tonight I'm going to have to break down and take a nice long hot bath...I'm beginning to get a bit rank. Even the dogs quit licking me.

Speaking of dogs...
These aren't my dogs but may  as well be. Dog fights are horrifying to me. They escalate from growling to a full out fight in less  than two seconds. I have big dogs and weigh less than two of the smallest ones put together.  Used to be it was always Charlie and Ham battling for the Alpha Male spot. Charlie got his butt whooped time after time after time and has finally learned his pecking order.
Ziggy is an extremely slow learner. He loves Ham, that's his buddy and sleep spooning each other. Ziggy just doesn't understand  that Ham is totally blind now and when he jumps on Ham in the back yard trying  to play, it takes Ham by  surprise and of course Ham's reaction is to defend himself. Ham could kill Ziggy if he wanted to, he's a massive dog. I couldn't imagine being totally  blind and having others jumping on me not knowing if they were friends or foes. Ham has gotten grumpier after losing all his sight and Ziggy is still a playful pup. We had another dog fight day before yesterday and luckily Massey was there  to help me break it up. Ziggy has a couple of superficial scars but Ham wasn't letting go being in the dark so  to speak and came out with several wounds from Ziggy's sharp  young teeth. I simply can't take it anymore and have to keep Ziggy out back all day, which isn't like a prison. He has a huge yard to  play in, or at least fifty yards of it when he is on his "Escapee" run. I go out back several times a day and let him off  the  run to let him romp. As soon as I get a vehicle we are starting the chop shop for all three. The local mobile vet does neutering on Thursday's. We once  thought about breeding Charlie because he is so spectacular  and looks just like UGA. Then we thought about breeding Ziggy because he is AKC and the most beautiful boxer I have ever seen with his perfect markings.

Then I started thinking about how many dogs are neglected, mistreated and  abandoned. Yeah, we're broke and studding out a male dog would bring in some money but I need to maintain some sanity around here and it's not like studding them out will entirely fix our economic debacle and the world certainly doesn't need more dogs, there are plenty out there who need a good home first.

The person I am in contact with at  the foundation that offered to help Ham is out of town until next  Monday. I am formulating my letter from  Ham to them. Ham's a great dog, didn't ask to be part of our family we adopted him. He's gone blind and  it's become an issue having two other rescue males here. I've become afraid of letting all  three in the house at once until Tim or Zach  get home and that's not the way I (or the pups) want it.

People have helped Ham get so far. Ham would be dead by  now if they hadn't pitched in to not only send him for eye evaluation but pay for his shots, gas to and from vet visits and even dog food. Then they paid for his heart worm treatment. The boy has come so far  thanks to so many and I simply want Ham to go the final mile and be able to see again, and limited vision is all we ask for.

Once again harassing the foundation tomorrow with yet another email but at least they have so far responded every time. To people who don't have dogs, I know I sound crazy. To people who DO have dogs, thanks for loving my Ham and helping him get to this critical point.

Back to the  real world tomorrow, working all weekend and only have to bum a ride on Friday!

Soaking in a hot tub, washing away three day's worth of grime and waking up tomorrow to do it all again.

"It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become."  (Dr. Seuss)

Til next  time, a stinky dirty but extremely lucky and grateful COTTON.

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