Monday, August 5, 2013

Just Another Day

I had to go into  work at 3:30 today. It was so hot outside it felt suffocating. Somehow, someway, Ziggy chewed through  the rubber coated wire cable that attaches to his fifty foot run across the back yard. I had two cables but loaned one to a neighbor two doors down when I saw them chasing their little dog  down the street one day. I went down to their house to "borrow back" the cable line but they weren't home. I walked around back and saw the cable...well it IS mine and I needed it so I unhooked it from  the corkscrew anchor in  the ground (which I had loaned them too) and went back to my house to hook on our line which runs from fence to fence. I should have left a note but it was a billion degrees outside and I had one hour left to get ready and be standing out front of the house for  the fellow server who  was giving me a ride to work. I hooked Ziggy  back up and went inside to iron my work shirt. I went back downstairs  to let the other two dogs out and Ziggy  got all excited to see his buddy, Ham. They really ARE close, they cuddle together all  the time and sleep side by side every night. Ham walked out into  his blind world and Ziggy pounced on him, trying to play. Ham didn't know what was going on and reacted just like a blind dog would...fight. Charlie simply walked past them both  and seemed to say "No Thank You"  to the ensuing and quickly escalating fight. Of course I freaked (the totally wrong thing to do) and they fed off my reaction and screaming. No one was home but me and luckily Ziggy  was hooked to the line. I pulled and pulled on Ziggy's line and Ham's collar when Ham's collar slipped off and suddenly was grabbing them neck by  neck. I was knocked to my knees  and just started screaming (another wrong thing to do ) "Somebody help me!" I thought maybe Zach  was next door at  the neighbor's. It took me about a full minute to get them apart which in dog fight time seems an eternity. I shoved Ziggy  back into  the kitchen door and slammed it. I thought I was having a heart  attack if not a stroke. Dog fights absolutely terrify me.  What scares me most is that it will happen when no one is home and they will fight to the death. I love all three of my pups and know they love each other, they just don't understand Ham is  blind and  Ham doesn't understand what's  going on around him. Ziggy is still a playful pup and his good intentions are sometimes misinterpreted by  Ham.

So I got them apart, crated Ziggy upstairs and left Ham and Charlie out back. Both my knees were bloody  and bruised but  still had three dogs and none of them were bleeding or hurt. Yes I am an avid/stupid dog lover and that  was my first concern. I finished getting ready for work and took Ziggy out of  the crate on a leash and put him out back on  the run with two bowls of water filled with ice cubes and left Ham and Charlie inside. I was exhausted by  the time I got to work and my heart was still pounding.  So I started me a pot of coffee...misery loves company.

It was busy at work but at least I knew Zig was out back and Ham and Charlie were inside. Bummed another ride home from work at  ten thirty. Ziggy was peering out his peep hole in the fence. I shut Ham up in a bedroom and let Ziggy in. Then I crated Ziggy and let Ham and Charlie out back.

This is getting too crazy  for me. I'm going back  to the GVS for Ham's surgery. The  foundation who  offered to sponsor the surgery only works with GVS so...GVS it shall be and the sooner the better. I weigh ninety nine pounds soaking wet, Ham weighs over eighty pounds, Ziggy weighs sixty. I'm no match for their fights. They have never turned on me and the fights aren't about dominance, just Ham's reacting to  not being  able to see or know what's going on around him. I can't blame him one bit.

They are both laying behind me now like besties, stupid idiots. It's not like I had good looking knees anyway and when I came home from work tonight, Ham licked both my knees for five minutes then Ziggy  took over for ten. either love them or hate them. I love all three of my pups,  just want Ham  to see again and everything will be  right with our least the canine side of it!

Til next  time...COTTON

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