Saturday, August 24, 2013

Are You Kidding Me?

Haven't heard from her in  three months, no visits or any indication she had any plan to ever surface in  my life again,  yet she shows up at midnight knocking at my menopausal door...Aunt Flow.

I'm pretty ticked. She didn't even send her most obvious calling card, a zit. I'm just about ready to sue somebody. I'm definitely cutting THIS aunt out of my will. Here's the thing, I can deal with the night sweats, all it takes is kicking off the covers. Now she wants me to go buy more tampons for her unexpected visit, the selfish little bee-otch. What about men? What do THEY have to deal with in their fifties, besides crazy menopausal women? Case closed.

Guess I don't have much choice but to let her visit, but I'm still ticked. I got off from work after ten and went to the store before heading home dog tired from a huge butt whooping. Could she not let me know she was coming before I checked out at the store? Aunt Flow is totally insensitive and last time I checked wasn't even on our family tree. She's simply a rude intruder.

On a brighter note, Massey's all moved into her dorm room and beginning her college life. I'm going up to visit her tomorrow after work to take her  few more things and treat her and her roomie to a lube job at The Varsity. The Varsity is definitely an Atlanta experience not to be missed.
The best onion rings in the world. Hot dogs are incredible too but my favorite is the chili steak. A little burger with chili. I eat mine with lots of mustard, a little ketchup and tons of raw chopped onion. The fries are pretty stinking good too. It's a greasy dinner but wonderful!

Starting my new job at  the mattress store on Tuesday. With Massey gone it will take my mind off losing yet another kid to the world.

These past few weeks have been nice only having one job but realistically I need the two. My new/old car isn't ready yet so my sister and bro in law are loaning me a car for a week. (Go Family!)

Life keeps rolling along whether you are ready or not.

Going to bed in a tee and undies, feet sticking out for cool air and waiting for Aunt Flow to wreak havoc. Some relatives are just  a pain in the butt.

Til next  time...a hot flashing COTTON. 

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