Monday, August 12, 2013

Ten More Days

Almost eighteen years ago  I took an ambulance ride at three in the morning after calling 911, to have my lower belly ripped open and have a tiny four pound baby extracted from me almost three months early.

She quickly blossomed into a beauty with a head full of curly hair and a smile that still makes my heart sing.

She still has that curly hair but can work a straightening iron like nobody's business when she wants it silky straight. She has the bluest eyes I've ever seen. Her younger/older brother has beautiful blue eyes too although  they are a totally different shade. Her older brother has gorgeous green eyes. All three of my kids have awesome eyes and  hope they use them wisely to view life through and look at  the right path to choose. 

The boys stumbled but both rebounded. Massey is just getting started. My oldest son got lucky, we were living high on the hog bringing in well over six figures when he graduated high school. When my younger son graduated we had hit the skids and barely making ends meet. Lucky for me, boys are low maintenance and Zach, my younger son has never cared about  material things. He got into some trouble after high school and had to let him sit in the Pokey for a couple of days before we could scramble the money  to get him out. In hindsight it was a blessing, he  came out grateful and remorseful.

So now my oldest is living halfway around the world in Australia doing what I wish I had done when in my twenties, exploring the world. Zach has lived the straight and narrow after his brush with the law and made me proud.

Now my youngest is beginning her own  adventure, college.
We made it through over three years of  a total financial debacle by  the Grace of God , help from my wonderful family and the blessing of having many many friends.

In ten days we move her into her dorm room at Georgia State University. She'll be living on campus, a decision we tried to sway her from. It almost doubled the cost but  also made me realize it was worth it. She is head strong and determined and wants to push straight through for her PHD.

She had a good time in high school and in her underclassmen years did guard with the band and learned a lot of lessons about camaraderie and commitment. Many people helped us  to let her do guard and I spent a lot of time volunteering to compensate best I could. It was an experience I am glad she had and most probably enjoyed it even more than her.
Then her junior and senior year put all her energy into her studies and became a member of  the  National Honor Society and focused on one thing...her grades. She decided she wanted to attend Georgia State University where her older brother went. After graduating with honors and a pretty  stinking good GPA my husband and I decided we needed to make it happen. After filing for all the grants and financial aide we could, we came up a little short. Less  than two weeks away from her move in date, God smiled on us once again. Needless to say, we are blessed. We've borrowed from Peter to pay Paul and  have realized that we are truly loved.

Last night we had a send off party for Massey at my sister's house. Massey is rooming with a friend of hers from high school. I am sure it is  strain on her room mate's family but an enormous strain on our  already empty  wallets. Actually neither Tim or I even have a wallet!

Massey's uncle (my brother) has helped us out so much it feels like a crime. He loves and believes in Massey and her desire to achieve. I have no doubt she will make him, us and her own self proud.
Massey's future college roomie came to her party along with her mother and gaggle of sisters.
Five women, young and old walking away from the camera and two young women headed off  to change the world.

I have no doubt these girls will go far. I hope they remain besties like I have with my own college  roomie.

Oh little's  your time to fly. Make the most of your flight.

Til next  time...COTTON

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