Saturday, August 31, 2013

Productive But Hot Day

My little bestie came home for the weekend. It was nice to wake up this morning and hear her chattering away. I've missed my little talker.

 We drove over to the Fayette furniture store to buy her and her roomie a "Klick Klack." It's like a futon without arms and takes up a lot less space. They needed something to sit on besides their hard back desk chairs. The beds are lofted and not exactly easy to climb on and off. Her roomate's parents said they would split the cost with me so with my employee discount we each only had to shell out sixty bucks for a two hundred dollar sofa. Now they will have a place to sit together and study, watch TV or have a bed for visiting friends.

Took us a while to find the store, I've never been there  but finally found it, Massey parked her car and went inside. We stayed and chatted a while. I really like the manager, he trained with us when I was at  the old furniture store and have really missed the stock guy who moved there from my old store. He's an eighteen year old kid who is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He lost his dad a few months back and can totally relate to that. We had quite a few laughs when we worked together and was good to see him again. We got a nice fabric covered couch, paid our half and told the manager Massey's room mate's dad would pick it up in his truck later.

We walked back out into the sweltering heat and Massey had a "Kelly moment." I went to the passenger side of the car waiting for her to unlock my side and she walked around to hers. She looked down at  the front driver's side and said "Somebody hit my car!" I walked around and sure enough, somebody obviously driving a white vehicle had smashed into her car right above the front tire. My  first reaction was "At least we can still drive it." The car parked next to us WAS a white SUV but didn't have any dents or scraps indicating it was was the guilty vehicle. Massey  asked if we had hit anything with her car while she has been gone and I assured her we hadn't. She took out her cell and called her daddy. She told him her car had been hit and he told her to call the police. I was fixing to go back inside the store to  ask if maybe any of them had seen anything when Massey said into her cell phone...wait a minute, this isn't my car." Her car was two spaces over. Granted the car we were trying to get into was the same color make and model, her little car sat dent free two spaces down! I told her, "You just had a Kelly moment!"

She's her momma's girl.

Went home, she and Tim made BLT's for lunch while I trudged up to the front of the subdivision to cut the jungle growing. They pay me sixty bucks a month and needed the money to help get me through the week. I'm not ashamed of needing money and never mind working for it, plus I love cutting grass. It takes me about a hour and a half to finish the cutting part and then another hour to weed eat. There are two deep ditches on either side and Johnny Dear has broken two blades hitting hidden rocks trying to cut them so I use my handy buddy, Mr. Weed Eater to do the ditches. Almost got hit by  two cars while riding Johnny...don't ask me why. Can they not see I am riding a mower with my back to traffic? My fave is when rednecks like to honk at me when then pass, scaring the poop out of me when cutting by  the street. Idiots! It was hotter than hot outside. I finished the mower part and trucked back down to the house on Johnny to rehydrate , drop off the bag of trash collected with my handy little 'picker upper thingy stick' Barb bought me. Ten minutes later I headed back up with a big cup of ice water between my legs and Mr. weed eater across my lap.  It hasn't rained in days but after all the rain we have gotten the grass has been growing like cray cray. (as Massey would say)

Took me a short while to finish the easy side with the small ditch, moved over to the side which has at least  fifty feet of ditch and hill. I cut til the line ran out then threw in the towel and putted back to the house. As Scarlett said, "There's always tomorrow."

Went home and took a shower for work and the mud and grass in  the floor of my shower bordered on the ridiculous.  My hair is only one inch long but had to wash it twice before grass clippings  quit falling out.

Little Massey made dinner for the boys while I went to (real) work.  It wasn't super busy but felt good to be in A/C  and did okay. Labor Day weekend isn't the greatest in the restaurant world but when you are a decent sever you can make it happen or at least worth your while.

Just feel grateful Massey's car wasn't really hit  or me either, cutting the front of the subdivision by  the road.  Got home at a decent hour, headed to bed and heading back to work again in the morning.

We are far from rich yet truly blessed. Click on this link for an eye opening, it was for me.

If this guy can be upbeat, happy and successful it would be a crime for me to complain about anything.

Til next  time...a lucky, lucky COTTON!

I don't  think the link worked so I am just posting it, hoping you take the  time to watch.

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