Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wonderful Rainy Day

Sometimes a rainy day is a wonderful thing...especially when you have the day off. I woke up at four thirty this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I settled in on the sofa in the living room and watched the early morning news til I dozed back off around seven. I woke up again around eight thirty, saw the forecast for rain all day and decided to stay where I was. Massey  ran a few errands for me early before Tim took  her car for job hunting around eleven. I had gotten all  the yards cut, trimmed and walkways and driveways swept yesterday and made a huge pot of stew that will last for days so I had nothing pressing to do. Well, I COULD have cleaned house but that didn't sound like much fun so I opted for a work free day.

Massey and I watched the boob tube for a couple of hours, me on the couch and her on the chaise both wrapped up with a light blanket and a bowl of popcorn. Around three we decided to make an entire day of it and started watching movies. First up was "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." It's one of Massey's favorites and she wanted me  to watch it with her. It was a great little movie. The rain didn't let up so we didn't get up except for bathroom breaks and more comfort food. We ate watermelon, fruit bars and popcorn with cold "Co-Cola's." (as my momma always called them)

You  would think by  this time I would be getting bed sores, but in fact the longer I stayed horizontal, the better I felt!

Next it was  "Pitch Perfect." Definitely a teen chick flick but since I was spending the day with MY teen, watched it with her. Had some cute parts but would have never bought a ticket to see it.

After that movie, Massey went downstairs to the kitchen and heated us up some leftovers and brought them up  to the living room and we continued our marathon. By  this point it was almost seven at night and next up was "Silver Linings Playbook." I had done absolutely nothing all day but watch  TV and stuff my face...literally. Massey waited on me hand and foot and the only time I got up was to use the rest room or let one of the pups out. It was fabulous and I actually think Massey enjoyed it too.

All I can say about "Silver Linings" is WOW! I knew it won some awards but I never go to the movies. I think the last movie I bought a ticket to was "Slum Dog Millionaire." (which  was well worth the price)

"Silver Linings" is my kind of movie. It moves fast, has great characters and excellent actors portraying them. Lots of "F" bombs but Massey worked with me at  the restaurant for a while so it was nothing new to her. Restaurant workers tend to have foul mouths. When you wait on the public for a living sometimes you just have to walk back into the kitchen and verbally unload.

So our marathon didn't end til  after ten o'clock. It was a really pleasant day. Massey and I haven't spent  that much  time together in quite a while. I seem to work all the time and she is always doing  "Teen" things like I used to in the seemingly pre historic seventies.

Reality is setting in, In eight days we'll be moving her into her dorm room. Who will spend my rainy days off with me? Who will keep me abreast of what peeps are posting on FB  or tweeting? Who will fix me leftovers and bring them to me on  the couch much less watch a chick flick with me? Who's gonna tell me when the outfit I'm wearing isn't cute? Who's going to roll their eyes at me when I get the words to a song wrong? Who's going to be my bestie?

I'll be left here in a house with five males, ten balls and sixteen feet. That's a frightening thought.

I'm excited for Massey to be starting her new adventure but feeling a little lost myself.. At least she'll just be thirty minutes away but that's a long way for somebody to just bring me a "Co-Cola."  So I am enjoying  this last week. I should be working a lot more but have to bum rides to and from work without a vehicle. I started thinking tonight, maybe that's why God hasn't given me wheels yet, so I can enjoy  these last few days with my girl.

Today was an excellent day.  I am off again tomorrow and although I need and  wanted to work I think I need to take advantage of this last week. I need to spend all  the time I can with Massey before she leaves, maybe not for her as much as for me.

We've already decided on tomorrow night's movie, "Good Will Hunting."  I can't believe she hasn't seen it but loves Matt Damon and his buddy Ben Affleck so I'm sure it will be a hit with her. Still have plenty of leftovers and cold "Co-Colas" and popcorn.

When I wake up tomorrow I will only have seven days left with her. I'd better make them all count!

Til next  time...a getting near to being a teary eyed missing a daughter  COTTON

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