Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweating Like an Oldie (old woman that is)

The new mattress store I work at doesn't run the A/C either. It's just to keep overhead down hence prices too, which is a good thing for customers....for hot flashing female employees, not so much. At least it's a much  smaller store and I have two huge double doors I keep propped open in the front and two huge cargo doors directly across from them in the back. It's no where near as hot as the furniture store was and  mattresses are a lot easier to load than couches, especially when you  weigh 99 pounds. It's started off slow being the first week  they've been open seven days as opposed to just Friday  through Monday. I sold a queen size mattress and two queen size box springs today so at least I'm on the boards.

Last night when I went to leave and lock the front door, my key the other manager had given me didn't fit the lock.  I guess I should have tried the key  the day he gave it to me but I'm not much of a thinker. I called him at  home and he told me to use a spare key he had made for the owner in the lock box.

Tonight after we closed I wiped the greasy film of oil off my face with  a paper towel, clocked out and went to lock the door. I noticed I had TWO extra keys on my key ring. My sweet sis and her hubs have loaned us their spare car to use and when they gave me the key on a ring I guess their house key was on it too. Last night I was trying to lock the store with their house key, not the store key. Am I a dope or what?

Came home to a whole other issue. Suddenly and out of nowhere, the last couple of weeks Ziggy has decided he wants to go after Ham every time he sees him. The problem (well the main one) is that Ham can't see and instinctively goes in to defense mode...which added together equals a dog fight. Ham and Zig used to curl up every night together and seemingly out of nowhere there seems to be a dominance struggle. The last dog fight happened when I was home alone and absolutely terrified me. I got two busted knees just pulling them apart. Charlie has opted out of the last few fights, he used to get in fights with Ham when Ham could see and got his butt whipped so much we used to call him Scarface. I want to get all  three neutered and think it will help. Zach is all opposed to it, but of course his vote doesn't really count unless he wants to start paying for dog food , shots and heart worm preventative.

My  sister used to have two male boxers who started doing the same thing and they bought an electric  prod. They would just zap  them quickly on the hip and it broke the dogs up.  They haven't used it in a few years but loaned it to me. I bought new batteries for it but how do I know it's still working unless I zap somebody (it doesn't make any noise)? Tim very strongly  declined to be the test dummy and Zach looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him. It's gotten to the point that if Ziggy even sees Ham in the house he goes after him, therefore we have to leave Ziggy out back in the yard most of the day. Ziggy and Charlie still get along great, they can be out back together or in the house together but for some unknown canine reason, Ziggy just wants to go after Ham. Ham weighs almost as much  as me and Ziggy's getting close.

Tim said we needed to get rid of one of them but that's not an option to me. I love all three of the goofs and when I ended up with three dogs, vowed to take care of three dogs. I've read all Caesar Milan's articles on stopping dog fights but unless he comes to my house to show me ain't working.

I'm thinking chopping nuts is the best route. I wouldn't mind leaving Ziggy out back  all day but he is an escaper and we have to keep him on a cable run. Granted it runs from the top of one fence to the other but doesn't let him have full range of the entire back yard.

Here's what I'm gonna do since I'm the momma. I'm taking one dog a week to the mobile vet,  getting them neutered, and once all three have healed keeping the prod handy but electrifying the back fence where if the neutering doesn't work at least Ziggy can run and enjoy a half acre fenced in yard.

GVS turned us down for Ham's eye surgery saying it wasn't necessary surgery. They have given me four other organizations who help fund surgery for dogs and contacting all of them. If Ham could see, I truly believe it would be a different ball game. He gets so nervous now when anything out of the ordinary happens and I can't blame him...being blind is a tough nut to swallow. (small pun intended)

Here's my question, why don't vets do any "Pro Bono" surgery? If they read Ham's story and the situation we are in, shouldn't they WANT to help? Isn't there some kind of canine Hippocratic oath they take? Thanks to so many friends all  three of my pups are up to date on their shots, all heart worm free and all on preventative.

We need a miracle here because I have no intention of  getting rid of any of my precious pups, I simply need some help. They are part of my family and my family sticks together.
This is the way I want to see  them all together again...copacetic.Maybe the world can't get along, but these three pups surely and somehow can, or should  I have named them Iran, Syria and Afghanistan?

Til next  time...COTTON

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