Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day One Done

Just got home from my first day at  the new job. I moved from the furniture store to the mattress store.  It's the first day they've been open seven days so I  knew it wouldn't be terribly busy. The main difference is  that at the furniture store a lot of people just came in to pass time. When you go to a mattress store, you pretty much are looking for something specific to purchase. I had a few people come in and all seemed interested in buying. Granted they didn't but I think at least  three of them were serious and may come back later on this week and buy.

It was much easier than when I started at  the furniture store. At least I am familiar with the computer system and they have a lot of the mattresses we had. They also have some bedroom furniture I've sold before and got in a new shipment of mattresses today that are really top of the line. I'm not banking on the young woman who came in wearing a tube top, booty shorts and bedroom slippers but all the other customers seemed genuinely interested.

I never met the guy who worked there before me but talked with him on the phone a couple of times when we didn't have a specific mattress at the furniture store a customer wanted. Just like him, I work alone. I got tickled today when by  the front door and noticed a sign he had made to hang on the glass door of the store.
 Well, at least it gets the point across, but don't think I'll be using it. Then I flipped it over and laughed out loud.
Underneath the post it note he had written thirty minutes, then scratched that out and added another message. Then I guess he needed to be gone longer and a whole new sign seemed unnecessary so he just edited with a post it note... only a man.

Not meaning to diss the guy but these look like "will work for food" signs guys stand on downtown street corners with.

On another note, talked to Massey a couple of  times today and she seems to be loving university life. It hasn't been as painful as I  thought it would be, thanks to cell phones and social media. She seems to be making friends and settling right in.

It's been a long day. Started another new job, broke two nails and my lower back is aching like crazy thanks to my much unwanted visitor, Aunt Flow.

Staying positive, hoping my peeps come back tomorrow to buy and packing a big lunch. Ten hours at work even make a skinny girl hungry. The other manager came by  this morning to help unload the truck and while he was there I walked next door to the Dollar Tree to buy a clipboard for my inventory list. They didn't have a clipboard but  bought a huge bag of Whoppers, some advil for my back and a bag of  FunYuns. I took yogurt, fruit, two sandwiches and chips to work with me but the whoppers and fake onion rings got me through. I have terrible eating habits, or do I really even need to say that?

Waking up early and taking ONLY good things to eat with me. If you live near me and need a mattress or bedroom furniture, stop by and see me,  they have some really good prices. Just be sure to come by on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday!

Til next  time...COTTON

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