Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Getting Better All The Time

 Zach has grown up. Sometimes as a parent you just have to wait. The wait was well worth it.

My oldest is out flapping his own wings around and keeping himself up.  I am pretty proud.
Massey is my last and  makes me realize that I am getting older whether I want to or not.

Tomorrow my youngest turns into a senior. It is a "Senior" moment for me. I have raised three kids with three different results but love them all the same. As I see it as a long as you love them and show them the way, it's up to them which path to choose.

Some of my kid's have taken detours but have never detoured from my loving them.  They are all healthy and that is number one. They are all smart number two...Combining number one and number two is the best I can hope for and the thing I am banking on for number three.. "SUCCESS!"

So what none of them got cars when they turned sixteen? TJ got a car shortly after he turned sixteen and at least he was working, paying for his own gas.  I never had a car at sixteen nor did my sister. My brother got one because it was  a gift from my grandparents and at least he was responsible enough to take care of it.

Massey is upset because she doesn't have a car. I am upset that we can't buy her one.  On the other hand Zach is just happy to be able to walk out of the house of his own accord.
Massey is still a kid. She is sixteen and working albeit very "Part Time." At least her grades are great and that will be what drives her even further than most in life.

The high school she attends is full of kids who drive brand new cars (what are THESE parents thinking?)

I tell her time and  time again that as grown as she thinks she is...she is still a baby in the grand scheme of life.

Four years ago we were making well over six figures a year with no debt and a few years left to pay off our mortgage.
Now we are battling back from cut off notices and so much to repay to family and friends that it still boggles my mind.

A sixteen year old girl simply can't grasp this. Well she can, but it is embarrassing to her. Been there..done that. High school is brutal, whether you are a wimp as a male or unpopular and looked down on for being one of the females that doesn't "Have it all."  It tends to be tough in their own little "Who's Cool world."

Massey has been fortunate to learn the most important lesson of all at an early age. Life has no guarantee...what you have today can be gone tomorrow and may take years to replace...if you are lucky.
I am just blessed that she has excelled in her studies is healthy and has a roof over her head. All the rest will fall into place and  mean so much more to her for having gone through these past few years. I would love to buy her a car and have full intentions of doing so as soon as we can. I tried to explain it to her the other day when she griping (as most teens do.)
I said to her "How do you think I felt having to start over at  the age of fifty? At least I was given a chance and  think we have come pretty  far. If I have made it this far in  this tired old body just imagine how far you can go ?"

She passed all her finals... Spanish, Algebra III and Chemistry (a feat her momma never could have) and is destined for greatness. She is now a SENIOR and just beginning the REAL path of life.  She is lovely, she is smart and my best friend. She is misguided in what's really important but what 16 year old isn't?  I can tell you one thing...her graduation party next year will be a whopper and if I have anything to say about it there will be a stinking nice (used) car with a huge bow around it parked in the driveway.

I was an idiot in my twenties ...grew up in my thirties and lived large through most of my forties. Life slapped me in the face and I woke up broke by  the  time I turned fifty, not because of anything I or Tim had done but simply because "Life doesn't have a guarantee."

What life DOES have is Karma and  has been my saving grace. Throughout our struggles I have tried to help others while so many helped me. I  learned to be humble and have learned how not to be ashamed but simply grateful.

That pretty much sums up my past few years..."Not ashamed but extremely grateful."

Til next time..a tired but triumphant COTTON

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