Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thirty Days in The Hole

Roll my tape
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Thirty days...
Anyone doin' that one?
I'm doin' that one
30 days in the hole
30 days in the hole
30 days in the hole
all right all right all right all right, yeah.

Humble Pie sang it but my boy has almost done it. When I picked him up for work today I said "You only have to walk out of that gate two more times."

Yes Zach screwed least he did it when he was eighteen, stupid and single. I have seen him grow up in his thirty days in the hole. He answers the guards with respect..."Yes sir." When they get on to him for having his shirt untucked he replies "I'm sorry sir." When they tell him to have a good day at work he says "Thank you sir."

He is just so glad to see my car sitting outside waiting for him. Every night when I take him back his last words to me are "I love you Mom."

He's a tough nut...we are so much alike that it is scary and often the reason for our arguments. I wish I  was as smart as him and still wonder where he gets it? On top of his thirty days in the hole he has been thrown into a kitchen full of chefs with not only massive experience but degrees in culinary art. Lucky for him the owner loves me...and also loves to point out every stupid thing Zach does.

I'm cleaning his room tomorrow top to bottom...I quit cleaning my kid's room when they hit middle school but want him to know how happy I am to have him back home. I thought a "Welcome Home From Prison " sign across the privacy fence may make the neighbors who already hate us nervous so I chose cleaning his room instead.

I am just glad his time is almost done. I am glad that he was man enough to do it. I am glad that our dysfunctional little family will all be together again. Let em' argue, I don't will be music to my ears.

God took care of him...He always takes care of His own. Another chapter in my odd life is over. What worries me is that I still have a sixteen year old daughter to raise!

What a great Mother's Day present.

Till next time...COTTON

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