Monday, May 7, 2012

Rounding The Corner

Another day off tomorrow...a girl could get used to this! Actually I have TWO days off this week. My boss told me he wanted me nice and rested for Mother's Day (a brutal day in the restaurant world.)  Business has been good at  work and I am making some headway.  That means I'm not ahead but headed that way.

Worked a killer brunch shift yesterday. Seems it was first communion for  Catholic children and lucky for us they like to get their drink and eat on as soon as it's over. I didn't know what was happening at first. I  saw a tiny eight year old bride in a long white satin gown complete with a veil walk in with her family and twenty others. I thought maybe she had met the man of her dreams at a Toddlers & Tiaras competetion. The Catholic faith is way too complicated for a simpleton like me, guess that's why my parent's raised me as a Protestant.

Came home with a fist full of dollars though and Massey and I went to Wal Mart and got some things for the house we have been needing. Number one a new mail box. Someone hit ours with a bat over a year ago (probably one of my neighbors ;) and the door fell off.  About a month ago I started noticing pine straw in the box along with  the bills. When the pine straw  stack becme bigger than the stack of bills I started pulling it out. I discovered a Robin's egg at  the back of the box. (Click on above photo)

Massey demanded I leave I did. The bird showed HER!! The baby hatched and they now all live happily in the bush in front of her bedroom window and often dive bomb into her window screen scaring the poop out of her.

We bought some ice trays for our new fridge which doesn't have an ice maker. I couldn't care less about an ice maker...the one in my old fridge quit working over a year ago and I simply brought ice home from work with me.  It was nice to introduce Massey  to  the world of 1960 when I was born and no one had an ice maker. We had aluminum ice trays that you had to open with a handle...this was before some doofus ended up being a millionaire by inventing the plastic ones.

I can remember the trays getting worn and when you tried to pull up the frozen handle it would bend and sometimes break off. That's when your mother would yell "We can't have anything nice in this house  with you  around!"

I bought  new flood lights for outside the garage, a new filter for the A/C unit...even splurged on the exspensive anti alergen one with a cool Febreeze scent. Thought I'd just go crazy so I bought some stick on numbers for my new mail box while I was at it.

Came home and Massey put the mail box together while I unloaded the rest of the groceries. As we walked up the driveway to replace the pitiful old mail box a bird sat perched on top of it, resting  after  stuffing another beakful of pinestraw into it. It flew away as we approached and I said "Sorry little fellow but we're taking our box back."

The screws were stripped attaching the old box and finally Massey just tore the box off the post...leaving us with no mounting bracket.

Not to worry, that's why they make Gorilla Glue! Massey commented "Only our family would glue a mailbox to  the post."

Massey ate some frozen Chinese food she zapped in the microwave and I pushed through a load of laundry. Then we settled in to watch "Pay it Forward" together while I folded laundry as she sat with her lap top doing the social networking thing. Ten minutes into the movie the lap top was shut and she was totally getting the movie.

Here's the favorite movies of the past twenty or so years have been "Crash" "Slum Dog Millioniare" "Sling Blade" and "Pay It Forward." Massey was too young to watch any of these when they came out so we are making up for lost time. I decided "Pay It Forward" was the most important so  that's where we started.

My life over the past couple of years has been nothing,  if not a TOTAL "Pay it forward." The idea and concept of "Pay it forward" is such a no brainer ...  if only people could grasp hold of the could quite literally and drastically change the world as we know it for the better.  I know it didn't win an Oscar... it should have won a Nobel Peace Prize.

I am off on Tuesday and  debating whether we should watch Slum Dog , Crash or Sling Blade next. I think we'll start with Sling Blade..."UMPH...Ain't got no gas." I quote this movie often (I aim to kill ya) and although I am not a big fan of Billy Bob Thornton (Boy ought not talk like that)... he did an excellent job with the movie and I will always despise Dwight Yokum because he played his part too well.

Zach is getting restless  too and I keep  reminding him he is almost there. Took him back tonight after work and teared up  when I left him. It's not easy seeing your kid walk through a prison gate.

Rounding the corner. Almost there. Day off to relax. Tomorrow I intend to "Pay it Forward" in some way , some how. That's the way life should work and the world would be a better place.

Just a COTTON'S take on it....

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