Sunday, May 27, 2012

Absolutely Amazing Day!

Was scheduled to work a double shift today. I gave up my lunch shift because my former college room mate's son was graduating in a neighboring county about a hour away. This is the first year we haven't received an invitation from any one from ECHS (my kid's school) so I decided to go and surprise my college "Roomie" by  actually showing up at her son's ceremony. We had gotten the invitation a few weeks ago and having already had two graduate know that most invitations simply mean "Put a check in the mail, please."

Number one: No one wants one of MY checks.
Number two: I had the day shift off and Massey has come to love my college roomie via Facebook and wanted to meet her. Massey met her once a number of years back when at the insane age of 47 my dear college roomie got preggers again when her Marine husband was home from deployment. So she has a senior graduating from high school today and a daughter who just graduated from what we in the south call "Kinnygart'n."

The graduation started at ten this morning so I told Massey we needed to leave before 8:30 AM. She woke me up at 7:45 and even brought me a glass of my daily needed Nestle Quik...with the spoon still in it so I can make it nice and frothy before I down it in one long gulp.  I had worked a double shift on Friday and even though the night shift was slow and I got home by 8:30 I started thinking about all the families on our street who had kids graduating and most probably having parties so I wanted the front entrance to the subdivision to look nice. I wasn't due to cut it til June but I had cut it on Thursday but didn't have time to weed eat. Friday night I pulled into the garage after work, changed into my Daisy Dukes and tank top and went up to the front to weed eat  the culverts on either side.  By  the time I got through I was using the headlights of cars whizzing by to finish my work but at least it looked better.

I woke up sore...cutting grass doesn't bother me but my  buddy Mr. Weed Eater wears this Lil ole gal out! I just wanted thirty more minutes flat on my back.

I started thinking about the march into the stadium, the national anthem and even the opening remarks. I told Massey, "Let's leave at  nine." At nine she came in dressed and ready to go. I had made  progress...flipping over to my other side and decided since my roomie's son wasn't a Valedictorian we could probably skip that speech too. Massey was livid!

At nine thirty I dragged out of bed and washed my face, brushed my teeth and we were out the door ten minutes before the graduation started... a hour away. It's a nice drive over to Paulding county from where we live, thanks to a co worker of mine who lives there. We took long winding back roads through the country side and got to the high school around 10:45. The streets were packed with cars but since we were over a hour late,  some people were already giving in to the heat  obviously having grad's last name starting with "A' or "B" and were making their escape from the ninety degree heat.

We slipped my little Beemer into a spot inside the stadium parking lot and only had a four minute walk to the stands. Two stands full of are we supposed to find my roomie now?

We heard them call a name as grads crossed the stage...they were only on the "D" names. My roomie's last name starts with a "K."

I looked at Massey and although I shouldn't have... said "Can your momma  make some sh*t happen or what?" She smiled at me and replied "You're pretty good."

We walked around the back of the stands to where the stage was and waited for my friend's son to be called to receive his diploma. Massey has never met him but  immediately picked him out of the crowd of lined up grads approaching the stage (and she calls ME a creeper!)

As he crossed the stage and his name was called a man in front of us yelled and threw up his hands, all the while snapping pictures of Avery King.

Like the creepers we (both) are we followed him. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked how he knew Avery? He said he was his uncle and after introducing myself he led us back to where my roomie was sitting with her Marine husband.

As we approached her, she stared at me for a good ten seconds...we haven't seen each  other in five years and I have lost over fifteen pounds. I remarked "Did you  cry when they called your boy's name?"

Just like that the friendship was solid again. She said "No, but I'm gonna cry NOW!"

Hugs all around..I saw her dad, "Jimbo" who I haven't seen since 1982, her brother and sister and all their kids. I introduced Massey and Kim (my former roomie) and they hugged as Kim told her friends in the stands "This is my college roomie and her daughter...I'm FB friends with Massey!"

It was a great feeling. And in traditional Cotton fashion I handed Kim twenty five bucks and said to  give it to Avery. No card , no note.."'s  from a COTTON"
The heat was appalling and after many hugs and kisses my job was done.

Make someone know  they are important to you and  mean something in your life.

We left ...with a good feeling of a job plan well thrown together.  Got back into my Lil Beemer putting the top down and went to visit the pups my friend from work has that I desperately want one of. Played with the pups and sadly headed back home without one. Don't worry...I'll be back!

Stopped for a burger, went home and resumed the position for thirty minutes. Flat on my back as to not muss my hair. My oldest son had stopped by  for a visit, much to Massey's delight.

After a not too gentle shove out of the nest when we were at our lowest and could barely afford to feed ourselves, he has landed on his feet and seems to be doing really well. He has a new job and is going back to school in January.

I left to go to work and had an awesome shift. I had a party of five that asked for me and tipped me thirty bucks, a table of ten that tipped me thirty more and a couple more tables that put me near to walking out with a "Ben."

In walked Massey with her oldest brother and they sat at one of my tables. Not many people I work with have met TJ but they were all looking at him and wondering why I let my sixteen year old daughter go out with a handsome 26 year old?  They ate dinner and TJ said he was taking Massey to see The Avengers. I wanted to pay for their meal but knew Verizon and the gas tank of my car were looking  to be paid too. TJ paid the bill and I told him NOT to tip me. I gave Massey a ten for her movie ticket and kissed them both goodbye.

I haven't seen TJ in over a month but we keep in touch via FB and texting and phone calls. I went to clear their table.  He had left me a $100.00 tip and a note that read "Happy Mother's Day."

The owner was in his office doing paperwork and I stuck my head in and showed him the charge slip. He asked who left me  that and I said my oldest son did,  but I didn't know if I should enter it into the credit card machine. His reply was "Hell yeah, I wish one of my kids would start paying ME back."

You know, just when you think you have failed somewhat as a parent...they kick into gear and reaffirm your faith as a good parent.

Last week Zach had a hour long talk with me after he got home from work. Seems he had an Epiphany and told me he was going to start giving us $100.00 a month to help out and that he deeply regretted screwing up not only his own life but inadvertantly ours as well and gave me a hundred dollar bill. It was a good talk. It was one that makes it all worth while, even with the screw ups.

So I had me an AWESOME DAY! I got to see my old college room mate and make her smile...which made me smile too.  I got to meet a pack of the cutest boxer pups I have ever had the pleasure of having my arms chewed up by with their needle sharp teeth and paws and even got to spend some time with my oldest and realize once again..."I didn't do too bad as a momma."

So  what my Mother's Day sucked working ten hours straight...THIS was my Mother's Day and it was freaking fantabulous!

One of my favorite people from the Western Sizzler that fired me... a cook who actually gave me the free dessert for Massey which gave "Them" the go ahead to fire me for theft has recently joined Facebook and  discovered my blog. He has been writing me and saying that he laughs so hard he has a six pack... and has cried as well. This was his last post to me:

"Stomach is getting stronger and stronger.  Think I will start boxing or ultimate fighting .
Don't know what to do about the chin quivering and weeping  (Acting?) No, don't look good enough for that.
I'll just go hug my girls till their small faces turn red from the squeezing. " No daddy is not crying"
I'll chase my wife.
I'll be a little more humble and thankful. I will learn a little more , pay more respect to my own personal truths with my family.
Read some more , and pray even more!"  Dean

This is why I started this blog.

Til next time...COTTON

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