Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Picture Says It All

I had such big plans for today. I was excited to have a day off. I was going to meet one of my eighth teachers at the restaurant where I work for lunch. She was meeting a friend there and I kinda invited myself. I woke up early, really early and decided to move to the couch to watch some CNN. I woke up around 12:45 and thought I was smart to send my former "Teach" a message last night telling her I may not make it  because I had so much to do.

Seems what I really had to do was to step back from the world and take a day for myself. I was supposed to go pay Verizon, make a bank deposit, cut grass and clean house. Lucky for me none of those things require clocking in so I simply clocked out...of the world.

Massey left to go somewhere with a friend, Zach was asleep and Tim wasn't home from work yet. The pups seemed excited when I mentioned doing nothing so I decided to make THEM happy too.

I slept on and off for over twelve hours and it felt lovely. I got hungry around three and heated up some soup and made grilled cheese sandwiches. I made an extra one for the pups to split and they were delighted. Standing up for ten minutes in the kitchen had exhausted me so I returned to the couch and resumed my position. I started to feel guilty around four but then the local early news came on and I need to stay informed...what if there was an uprising like in the book I had been laying around reading  between news casts?

I crawled out of my cocoon comforter around six to discover Massey was taking a nap. Great! I hurried back to the sofa and opened a pack of peanut butter and cheese crackers. I threw both pups a cracker and made them promise not to tell that I had been horizontal all day..."It worked!"

I made myself get up around six thirty and Massey and I headed to Kroger . We bought fixings for Quesadillas and a flat of water bottles. We came home and I fixed her a Quesadilla and went out back to read. I played around on FB for a while and cleaned the kitchen (it was supposed to be Massey's job but since she didn't snitch on me for sleeping all day I did it.)

I read for three hours out back with the pups and made Zach two Quesadillas when he came home from work. Cleaned the kitchen again and headed back to the deck on the back porch to read more of my book.

It was one of  the greatest days I  ever had.

I work another double shift tomorrow and now I am beyond ready!

 I think that I can do it all and often times do. Sometimes I need to step away and decompress. I felt worthless sleeping my day away but felt like a new person when I got up from my twelve hour nap.

Tomorrow I will start fresh. Tomorrow I will pay the bills, tomorrow I will make a bank deposit. I am off on Thursday and will cut the grass then.

A (much younger) friend of mine at work commented last week that she couldn't believe  I have never had a manicure or pedicure. She mentioned it like three times...am I missing something I need to know about?

It's true, I haven't. All I need is a pair of clippers and a cuticle trimmer...corn pads and a nail file, fast dry nail polish and I'm good to go!

I'd rather have a day flat on my back than a day in a nail salon. I am old school.."They grow, you clip 'em and you paint 'em."

I guess I AM getting old...but at least I am GETTING old!


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