Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Kind of Day

One thing about having three days off a month is  you learn how to appreciate them. I've been doing better about taking more time off work but more than one day off a week seems a waste to me. I have worked six days a week for over thirty years so I'm used to it.

Today I took Massey  to school and came back home and resumed the position until 11AM. That's all I need...a little time with no one but me and a pillow.

Zach called (collect) around 11:30 and asked if I could bring him some quarters to do laundry...then  quickly added "Call work and see if they need me today." He is so ready to get out. He has grown up and realized the mistake he made. He just wants to come home (although he hasn't said it) and I want him home too. My boss schedules us so I can pick him up for work.  I had the day off so Zach did too.

I told Zach I had to cut three yards and they were fully staffed in the kitchen at work.  I told him I would drop the roll of quarters off and see him tomorrow.

Came home and jumped on Johnny like stink on poop. My buddy at B&L Tire put a tube in Johnny's back leg and I was back in bidness. I had to weed eat the front entrance which is a nightmare and most probably the reason why they pay me to do it.  I got through five minutes before I had to leave to pick up Massey  from school.

Picked up the princess and came home to cut my back yard that looked like an overgrown cow pasture. She helped me move the hammock and some stepping stones and I was off  again! I finished around 4:30. I called work and asked the owner if he would make me a batch of Chicken Cacciatore to have for dinner...since he lets me run a tab. He serves his over linguini...I serve it over rice. Either way it is the

As I turned Johnny's engine off I heard rumbling thunder. The sky was dark and I put the top up on my little car as Massey and I headed out to pick up our dinner from Mama Lucia's. We got maybe a mile up the road when cloud to ground lightning scared the poop out of us. We heard it pop to the left and then saw a bolt that looked like the hand of God smacking the ground to the right. If Massey could have, she would have crawled into the trunk of the car.  I will admit I have never witnessed a strike that close and it was a pretty  scary  thing.

Came home with a huge container of yummy cacciatore and made some rice to serve it over. I am fiflthy and still picking grass out of my hair. The yard work is done and believe it or not I am done.  Working a double shift tomorrow and going to soak in a hot tub.

Still on this side of the dirt...That's a good thing!

Til next time COTTON

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