Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wheel it Go Round in Circles?

Went to wake Johnny up in the garage on Saturday morning and his back tire was flat. I hate it when that happens. I always have a can of fix a flat for just such occasions. I shook the can and hooked up Johnny's back leg to the IV. Emptied the entire can in with no result except a mess on my garage floor. It leaked out of the tire wall and all over my feet. Not one to give up easily I decided it was because his little tire had gone completely flat and I needed to jack him up. Problem number one...NO JACK. Problem number two...he is too heavy for me to lift on my own. Problem number three...Tim doesn't feel the same way about Johnny as I do.

I went in the house to ask Tim to help me lift my buddy up while I shot another IV into his limp back leg. Tim is a patient man...unless it involves me and especially if it involves his rival, Johnny. I had the new IV all ready to go and commanded (maybe not so nicely looking back) "Pick it up NOW!!"

Another failure and now Tim's back was (air quotes) SUPPOSEDLY giving out. From the way he slammed the kitchen door going back into the house I knew his help was no longer an option. My nephew's fiancee'  was over doing Massey's hair and makeup for the prom and she was driving my brother's spare car. If anyone would have an air pump in the trunk it would be him. BINGO!!! There was a brand new Black & Decker air machine in the trunk of his car. I pulled Tim's car up as close as I could and plugged the pump into the cigarette lighter...Now we're getting somewhere!!

I left it running for almost thirty minutes and almost had myself convinced it was working when I finally realized it wasn't. The tire had been flat so long the tire was off the rim and I was just pumping air into the tire and out through the rim. I gave up for the day...only because I had to take Massey  for prom pictures and then head to work.

It gets bad next. Monday morning when Tim took Massey to school for me his car was acting funny. He barely made it home and asked me if I had his car  running while I was trying to pump up the lawn mower tire? I made the fatal mistake of saying "Was I supposed to?"

I'm glad none of the kids were home to hear us. He hollered that I had drained his battery and yelled "Thanks a lot!" You know me..I simply said "You're welcome." He stormed up the stairs muttering loudly "Just THANKS" to which I hollered equally as loud up  the staircase "I already SAID you're welcome."  In hindsight that was NOT the best response.

 In my defense...Although Tim pays most of the bills and works extremely hard, I am the one that takes care of the house , kids and yard while still working fifty hours a week. For Pete's sake...so I didn't know it would drain  his battery. He doesn't know how to change the filter in the furnace or replace the vent hose in the dryer...do I throw that in HIS face?

My brother in law came over and did something to Tim's car and it's running again. (Thanks, Harvey)

Decided today it was time for me to visit my ole buddy at B&L Tire. I called and asked if he could fix Johnny's back leg? He said to bring the tire to his shop. When I got there the tire was still dripping out the last of the fix a flat so I left it outside the door. I walked in and he looked up from his desk and slowly shook his head saying "What am I gonna do with you?" I said "Please fix it."

Looking back it does seem ridiculous...but I have always been ridiculous. Yes I wasted twenty bucks trying to fix it myself and almost screwed up Tim's car...but "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do."

I'm picking up Johnny's back leg in the morning after I  take Massey to school. I'm coming home and cutting like a fool. I'll cut the front of the subdivision and that's gonna be sixty bucks so I'm forty ahead. I go to work tomorrow night and will make up the difference.

Tim and I have made it  twenty four years plus...and will make it the whole way. We didn't speak for an entire day,  but I knew he would need gas money for work and have to ask. When I handed him a twenty he said the same thing he did when he was mad at me..."Thank you."  I said the same thing I said when I was mad as well..."You're welcome."

Til next  time...COTTON

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