Thursday, May 17, 2012

Now THIS is Mother's shizzle

This picture has nothing to do with this blog...I just like it!

I worked every shift at work except one lunch from Saturday night until this morning. I did okay until the "Mother of a Day" hit. I came home totally wiped out and never recovered.

I struggled yesterday doing another double shift but the free bottle of wine the owner gave me for doing some computer work for them made it all better. (til I woke up this morning)

I took Massey to school and swore I would not go back home and crawl back into bed. When you only have one day off you have six days of things to be done in one. I'm glad Massey was the only one that heard me utter the swear.

I went back home and thought..."I'll just lay down long enough to see what the weather will be like on  TV." I woke up to hearing Whoopi talking on The View.  If I rolled over in bed it could count as doing I did.

I rolled my ninety nine pounds out of bed after one and ate a salad. Johnny Dear crapped out on me anyway with his sissy little front tire all crying "Ooh I'm flat, it hurts...don't make me."

I drove to the book store and thanks to the membership my brother gave me for Christmas picked up a copy of The Hunger Games for 40% off. I came home and read for twenty minutes in the back yard before having to go back and pick Massey up from school. I got to page 15 and realized something. I have been living The Hunger Games for almost three years.

I was lucky. I had so much support and help it was embarrassing at  times but always tremendously appreciated.

Fast forward two years. I'm two years older and feel ten years more tired but am still kicking and making strides. I have an army at my back and  God shining His spotlight down on me.

I still can't afford to buy my kid's a car or name brand clothes but they have what they need. I have slowed to nine shifts a week and it has made a world of difference in my mental and physical state.

I went to Massey's last chorus concert tonight. The theme was "All you need is love."

Her high school has a pretty awesome Chorus program.  The girl singing the solo in  this video was more awesome. Massey's BFF from next door went with me to  the concert and I asked her who this tiny young woman with the tremendous voice was? She said she was actually the homecoming queen. I asked Alyssa if she was as nice as she was cute and talented? Much to my relief Alyssa said she was indeed a very nice person. That meant a lot to me.

It reminded me of my sister. (without the singing talent) My sister won homecoming queen in 1971. She was beautiful (still is) and popular like I always wanted to be but never was. The thing is...every one loved my sister and my sister loved everyone. She was and still is an amazing person.

High school is sometimes different...especially today. I was thrilled to learn that this little girl with the huge lungs is a wonderful person. It renewed my faith in the spoiled youth of today.

I still have til five PM on Friday to clock back in. I still have half a day to myself. I still have the rest of my life in front of me and just glad to be around to still be here to gripe about it!

Til Next time..COTTON

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